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Ryztools web version

i've encountered the error as well, i ignore it and it works fine, i'll see about getting that worked on again if i can. not sure if development is ongoing still, but i'll also recap the requests and ideas:

a section to display individual toon fame (civ, faction, tribe)

an option to "compress" items and mats similar to how we can compress them in-game (the little button on the bottom right of the inventory windows)

a display of bulk and slots of an inventory

an option on the "my page" to refresh all data at one time vs clicking refresh for each key loaded into the app. (new idea i recently thought of)

not sure how hard or easy these might be, just getting them out there again, it's an awesome site with lot's of potential, after looking as some screenshots of the ios app, i did have other ideas, weather graphs for the different lands would be a nice one (or a single graph with each land a different color, similar to the bm one).


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