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Question Concerning Pricing Of Player-Built {Things}

when i sell mats the price is based on % needed to make a basic Q250 mat 500ish dappers per mat. when i sell an item (rarely) i figure out a fair price based on what i would be willing to pay for said item. when i store something, you'd have to be insane to buy it. there's only so much bulk / slot's in an apartment or guild hall (still waiting on those upgrades). so there's the merchants 128 slot's of bulk free storage with a tiny restriction, you have to remember to retrieve it every 5 or 6 days and place it back on the merchants, or they keep it and you loose out.

someone buy's your storage stuff, you get rich. (personally i'd rather you didn't, what good are grind mat's? surely it's cheeper to pay someone to dig them for you then buy mine, lolx)

but mostly i'm repeating what everyone else said.


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