once more i'll say this: "let's put the sand back in the sandbox"

ok, so ryzom has RP, and each player is able to do and act out RP as they see fit. i would like to remind everyone that ryzom was made as a PvE game, and that rp was to help the progression of the story of atys.
the fact that each server had a different progression from the base story that all 3 server shared means that now we have 3 truths of the histories of atys. because of this confused history, ANY rp that i personally do will have nothing to do with either the lore or the histories because there is not a single one to base off. my personal rp has nothing to do with any one faction or group, but has something to do with ALL of them at once. (keyword: upper branches)

it seams to me that because group a does X in rp they get a real physical change in the game related to their RP. if this doesn't fit in perfectly with EVERYONE else's rp then there should be no changes to the physical game that we all play. many of us that do not RP more then a little bit (or not at all) should not suffer changes that are one sided for a group of rp's without consideration of the impact on non-rp's or those that rp a different way.

when i thought up my ideas for the "upper branches" i spent much time speaking with different players of all walks of atys life, and tried to think of everyone. the mara were told that one day they would have a city that was welcoming of mara, upper branches have towns where all homins (other then npc bandits) are welcome. there was talk of the trytionist (sorry if spelled wrong) and rangers coming along in the future and so i sought out players that had chosen these possible paths of play. i found a german guild that was already following trytionist ways, and some players that were also seeking this line; from them i learned what i could and tried to keep that in mind as i wrote the ideas and stories. i sought out players that were following the ranger ways, and spoke with them, again learning about them. after some time doing research i finally started to put together the ideas of the upper branches, trying very hard to include something about every group known on atys and even left it open for future additions with a few choice words "not yet known". i'll not keep ranting about this, it's all posted on the forums, both the ideas and the stories to support them.

if RP is the path we must take to get things done, my now over one rl year project still has no word on when or if it will even be considered. it seams that only the most selfish RP is rewarded and the RP that could be beneficial to the entire server is of no merit. anyone that wants to try and help translate the ideas and/or stories is welcome to, and if the person(s) wanting to can speak english i'll be happy to use voice chat (teamspeak3) to help with it.


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