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Pei-Ruz teams, requirements and "who to contact"

traduction en fran├žais

this is to inform EVERYONE in game of how the pei-ruz teams work with talkirc and his network.

first off, we use the chanchey system, all parts are turned in to him, as well as scored, on a regular basis.

with the chanchey system you must be a part of a winning team 45 times to get a full set. (though you do not need to wait to get a full set, you can get a single part if you already have 9 kills, you may contact chanchey to get that part, if it's in stock)

there is no limit to faction or civ alignment, this is not done as a part of roleplay, you can be kami, karavan, marauder, or neutral/neutral. (we sometimes can add a player with strict roleplay if the team permits, but that will not always be the case, if you follow strict roleplay, when invited please let us know if this applies to you at that time and we'll check the current team members to see if this can be done with the current team, active members will not be kicked to allow for strict roleplay, but you will be contacted if the team becomes roleplay friendly to your style of roleplay)

below are the few requirements for applying for the team.

you need at least one master in magic and one master in melee.

you need at least 235 in 2h slashing (axe prefered, but soward is fine) (with another melee mastered)

you need at least 230 in heal (with a master in offensive elem)
you need at least 230 in offensive elem (with a master in heal)

you need to have warcry, beserker, mpa, and bomb 7 (bomb 7 hits 8 targets)

if you meet this requirements, you can send me an in-game tell to find out about teams, other lead players that you can speak to will be added at a later time.

anyone that is a part of the talkirc network will turn the armor part over to me (talkirc), with a list of members that earned that point, i send out in game mails with updates to the current active score sheet. apon each turn in i start a new score sheet and everyone is reset to 0 on that sheet, at that point the scores are in chanchey's hands and he will update his list at www.ryzom-bosses.com

please note that if you set to be viewed by guild only or guild and friends only that you are much less likely to be invited to a team (we can't see you online, so we don't know to invite you)

here is a link to a good outline on doing this NPC, i will note a few things i do differently in my teams.
guide to pei-ruz la npc


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