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have you considered an option to add more then one set of keys? some players are know for having an alt (or 20) for a guild hall (since we're limited on the bulk of an apt and gh on the main toon and need to create more accounts to store things we need), this could be the best thing to happen to ryzom, since being able to view all these inventories in one place would cut down on things being lost in the multitude of accounts would be helpful beyond imagination.

(or the powers that be could just give us the option i've been after for over a year now, one that other's have sought for years and years, to be able to upgrade bulk and slot's for apt's and guild halls, if they ever do that, players won't need 20 accounts to store things with. and i'm still yet to hear a good reason not to just add this feature, if anyone thinks they have a good one, please find my idea thread and give me your best shot, i'm armed to the hilt with fact to prove my idea has merit)


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