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way to get to the almati wood for marauders

there needs to be a event for the mara players to do, where they can build their tp to almati, say they have to dig or kill for a family of mat, eg fiber/skin, ect. and turn it in as part of the "building" process, with no limit to what they can give, make it work like NH for negitive (-) fame with all civ's for the mara's that turn in, let it pay a few dappers as well, so they can make a dapper or two, with the crappy econ these days, war's are not always easy for all play styles out there, and thus we don't have the OP wars of the days of old, it's time to do something about the lacking lifestyle, and if anyone says anything about rp, i've sold my mats like a hunter should, at lower then what a missions that would use them would pay per mat, so a crafter could still make a dapper as well, and it's over looked as often as it's used, the lower level missions don't allow for players to make dappers to do things with, and some times...... wait i'm doing it again.

get the mara's a tp to almati woods. +1


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