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Canillia sourit en pensant à la suite...
Elle fait confiance à l'incurie de l'administration Fyros pour que ce courrier arrive à la connaissance de n'importe qui..

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Izam to Ambassador Eolinius

Woren Siloy Ambassador Eolinius,
It seems I still have some diplomatic progress to make. Melga will look at me again with his pained expression.
But I have to say I'm struggling to understand where my blunder came from.
There was nothing secret about this meeting, as evidenced by the presence of observers among whom I thought I recognized at least one Tryker guild coat-of-arms.
The request came from the Fyros Emperor and concerned only the Kingdom's ambassadors. The Karan's positive response was already a pleasant surprise, so I hastened to summon everyone. And that's where we should probably look for the cause of the misunderstanding. The Fyros must have thought to warn you and then forgotten, because Wixarika's absence forced Naveruss to look for someone quickly.
As for me, I must say that I liked the idea of letting the two groups talk things over without interference. The grievances they have to settle are their own. To do so without a crowd around them was to spare a few susceptibilities.
I have prejudged, perhaps wrongly, that there was no need to spare susceptibilities elsewhere.
Let me therefore express my apologies for this haphazard diplomatic manoeuvre, which I would like you to pass on to your Governor.

I hope that this Water Road will strengthen all relations between the Nations.

Barmie Dingle
Ranger Guide

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Eolinius leaned back on the edge of his footstool and gazed distractedly at the fish behind the glass roof of his apartment. He was holding a paper in his hands, which he began to read again. He was both half-surprised and amused by the almost apologetic reply he had received from Barmie Dingle.

-Hmm, he's still got a lot to learn, but he'll go far, this little one, he's already got the reflex to blame others ...

Eolinius burst out laughing. He was also a little ashamed of having used this tone in his letter of protest to the Rangers and his missive to the Sharuk, but it must be said that it had paid off. With the requests for hearings of the last few days, he had succeeded in bringing the negotiations and the Federation back to the forefront..

After all, the best defense is a good offense. He wondered who beside him could turn off on him for coming up with such a bold idea. He poured himself a glass of his favorite drink, Sparàn juice with a splash of shooki, and toasted the thought of An-Nair, who was always making fun of him and Jazzy. After all, it was a good sign. ...

Réponse de l’ambassadeur Bei Lochi Eolinius à Barmie Dingle, guide des Rangers

Nair Barmie Dingle

Thank you for this reply, which reassures me somewhat..
My somewhat hasty and vindictive message was matched only by the shock and surprise felt by the citizens around me..
We have remnants of the sap of the old privateers still flowing in our veins..
Like you, I want this water route to go as smoothly as possible and to be a symbol of reconciliation between nations. I am willing, along with the Federation, to help you in this noble task..

I'll be sure to pass on your request for an apology to our dear Governor Ailan..


Ambassadeur At Lochi

Eolinius put the finishing touches to this diplomatic letter, which didn't mean much in concrete terms, but which archive snoopers delight in. A little worried all the same, he caught himself glancing over to check that the spirit of the great Nhor Drakan wasn't beginning to circle around him. ...

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The kids were asleep! And at last! And at the same time! His wife took the opportunity to sleep too. The tryker tidied up the cutlery, papers and other objects decorating the apartment in a disorganized bazaar. In fact, he thought to himself about it, and it reminded him of the organization of the water route..

From the outset, Jazzy remained discreet about the event.
It wasn't the organizers who put him off, for Nair-Wixarika meant a great deal to the commander. He had known her as a child and remembered how proud she was to wear the Nhor Drakan coat of arms. Naveruss, who was a comrade-in-arms and a drinking buddy, knew how to handle such events... but what then? What was bothering him so much that he didn't want to get even more involved in the adventure? ?
The water route was a vital commercial exchange between Tryker and Fyros. Mostly organized by water suppliers. Why go through the forest and involve the Matis in the organization??
Since the Taliari assembly, the commander had been against the idea of a passage into the kingdom...
Jazzy, while moving one object or another, with a lost look, smiled fatalistically, telling himself that obviously the Matis would not let the convoy pass without taking the slightest advantage.!
Why this secret meeting between the Matis and the fyros?
The commander asked himself many questions on the subject without really wanting to answer them. His detachment from the subject gave him a certain peace of mind, yet at times he worried that he didn't want to get too involved. Age and situation must be the ingredients of a certain and effective weariness on the tryker..

However, once the apartment was back in order, ready to be turned into a child's battlefield, Jazzy mechanically had the reflex to rub his rondache and battle spear, as if to motivate himself to mobilize the escort's security...
But tired too, he thought that no order, missive or even advice from the Federation concerning his commanding rank had reached him...
He lowered his gaze, laid the rondache against his weapon case and returned to his mentally weary hammock...


Jazzy Mac'Plantey
Chef de Bai Nhori Drakani
Commandant de Bai Trykali
Citoyen célèbre

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Salazar tapped with his fingertips on the amber inlaids of his table. The wood in the fireplace was only glimming by now, and even the lamplight was hardly more than a dim. He had sat there for hours, with all his books and sketches giving him no diversion, nor the wine any pleasure. Those so-called negotiations with the Fyros were still martering his brain, and actually he sometimes thought it would have been better if they had the whole thing called off. That the Trykers - which, in the Matis' memory, were the initiators of this Water Route anyway - were seemingly not invited was bad enough; they would have been a soothing element in a discussion which steamed up pretty quickly, from the moment on Akenakos Naveruss opened the negotiations with the quip that they don't actually have to ask for permission to cross the Kingdom in the first place.

Salazar's heart sank in that moment; all discussions which went before that, not least at the Akenak, were suddenly thown over board by the Fyros. He really should have said in that very moment that this meeting seems to be either a misunderstanding or a joke with which he doesn't want to play along. Fundamentally, you don't crap on a table you want to eat from, and right from the start the Fyros were giving the impression that they didn't want to negotiate at all. Making them asking the Matis for permission was like pressing blood out of an amber cube, although that was the one thing which actually was pointed out already as a need at the Akenak years before. It didn't help that the Trykers were hardly mentioned at all - Salazar had to bring them up a couple of times - while Naveruss did draw herself more or less clearly as the organiser and commander of the trek, even trying to play down the Tryker's pride in something which the Lakelanders described as the greatest of it's kind, while Naveruss tried to sell it as a few merchants just passing through.

The whole tone of discussion had the Matis stiffen up quickly, but to Salazar's surprise, it was Filira Copal who was first enangered by the Fyros' attitude, while Filira Tapco stayed in cold blood. Salazar soon wanted to get out of all of this, as it was clear from the start that every voiced intention the Trykers had - to get the nations closer to each other - and every secret hope Salazar had - to restore affairs with the Fyros to a level which makes diplomacy possible again - were just in vain.

For the crossing, the Fyros were unwilling to offer anything at all, not even the official request for Matis permission, and therefore all the reasonable Matis requests were understood by the Fyros as unfair demands and humiliations. That stubborn and passive-agressive behaviour actually had the Matis ask for more than they would have asked for originally. Salazar half hoped during the discussion that the Fyros would just take another route. If only the Trykers would have been there at Almati! Their enthusiasm, as well as their pragmatism, would have probably cooled down the heat.

Salazar sighed. As a Filira, he had responsibilities towards the Kingdom. But while the Water trek would cross the Kingdom fairly soon, by now he was so fed up that he hoped he would never hear about it again.

Yet he'd given promises publicly and privately which he won't take lightly. And he won't break them. And who knows? Maybe ...

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Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis

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Azazor circles his apartment. He's like an ocyx in a cage, breathing fire.

Naveruss was determined to lead the convoy across the kingdom. All so she could lead the matis who would follow the convoy. Detal! as if the matis would let themselves be led...!

However, it was well on the way during the discussion with the trykeri the other evening. Eolinius was in favor of taking the shadow route to thumb his nose at the matis, Bellandrha was in favor and Kurutani didn't give a damn. That left Kyriann, but he had managed to negotiate the idea that if Wixarika wanted to change the route and go via the shadow road, she would give in..

Back in the desert, he'd had a chance to chat with Wixarika, who was obviously up for it, not finding the deal with the matis advantageous for the fyros either. It was even degrading. But now, her weakness, probably due to her years with the trykers, had returned, and she didn't want to oppose Naveruss' will..

Naveruss... She had been a rare mediocrity in front of the matis. She was ignorant of the laws, the history and even the psychology of the orskos. And they had thrown her a piece of bread to buy her agreement. To get his hands on the Matis escort! What a joke! And what about Ulymorus, who also wanted to pass through the kingdom, thinking it would be a proof of superiority? How naive!!

The "leader" of the Fyros Legions needed to be taught a lesson. Let her see for herself that for a Matis, showing no sign of allegiance meant submission and that she would never control the Matis escort. As for Ulymorus, he was still young. He had time to train him and make him a true fyros, worthy of his blood..

He opens the cupboard behind his bed and pulls out a vial of ageless shooki liqueur, the kind he reserves for himself in case of emergency. Yes, an emergency. Saving the honor of the fyros with all these weaklings is no easy task. But he's been through so much worse...


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fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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The leader of the legions piled up a few logs, sprinkled them with oil, then lit a fire. She added more logs as the embers smouldered, then sat down opposite the oasis..
What an affair! She'd been through some very tough battles, against homins, kitins and her own weaknesses. Conviction and violence had always been effective responses, from her point of view, but now they were unsuited to the completely new world opening up to her: that of politics and negotiation..
Completely new? She had already been an ambassador to the Zoraïs and Tryker, but this was about asserting the Sharük's presence and friendship with the two nations concerned. It was within her military grasp. But lately, she'd been faced with diplomacy with a nation with whom the sharük didn't get along, and who didn't want to go her way. Worse still, the pillars that had hitherto been stable foundations in her mind were now at odds with each other.:
-akash, honor, not to submit to the matis, to assert the imperial will, its autonomy.
-orak, discipline, to obey sharükos' directive, whatever it may cost her, honor included. But discipline isn't just about respecting the imperial hierarchy and its orders, it's also about respecting the rules of the game..
Consequently, simply crossing the Kingdom with an armed convoy while tensions persisted, without respecting the rules of the forest, corresponded to two things: not respecting Matis laws, or not legitimizing them. If this had only concerned the fyros, she would clearly have approved of the second option, but here she had to reconcile with the citizens of the lakes. Diplomacy had to be conducted with rivals and allies who were not on the same wavelength..

dey, for two reasons. The patriots had already agreed to go through the forest, and the conditions with the Kingdom had been negotiated. To change this decision would have been blatantly inconsistent and immature. And secondly, the decision had not been taken by chance: it was necessary to commemorate what the water route had originally been: a vital axis of exchange between Tryker and Fyros, passing through the edge of the forest..
It wasn't just us against the others, but us with our friends who didn't necessarily agree on all points against, or rather, with our rivals but in no bad relationship with our friends. naveruss would have gladly resolved these issues with a sledgehammer, against the face of the orskos, but also of certain fyros..

akash. It was in itself the only pillar scorned, was it already definitively so? The fyros was going to have to cleanse her honor and prove herself in a field other than handing out slaps. Conviction and rigor would be the answers. The matis were committed to respecting her command and she was counting on that. Either they would keep their commitments and obey her orders, or they would not and legitimize their exclusion from the convoy and the forced passage into the forest..

What if they were perfectly disciplined, even more so than the fyros, without losing face by complying with her directives? So, failing to humiliate them, she'll put them through an infamous but legitimate military rigor during the few moments of the journey..

If only she could count on azazor's support, but now she was in a situation where "us" was no longer even a homogeneous block, a bloc that also had to be reconciled..

"Sharükos is counting on me, I'm committed to the success of the convoy with the sharük, the trykers, and even the orskos! I'll overcome any difficulties, put all the energy and righteousness into it!"


#23 [fr] 

De naveruss kynigrips, akenakos de pyr, à l'attention du sharükos.
" sharükos pyrèkud, sharük pyrèkud ! "

In the end, the Water Route went very well, both practically and politically. We arrived at our destination with all our merchandise unhindered, which is already a success. As for the political aspect, the Matis escort didn't give them any leverage, and worrying so much about having accepted this condition was like a storm in a glass of shooki!.
The citizens of the lakes, and in general all the participants, got along very well, and no incidents in particular were observed. Once again, it seems that concerns about the exclusion felt by the Trykers have been allayed. It won't be long before relations between our two nations deteriorate..
In the end, the biggest failures came from ourselves, with a serious lack of discipline under the guise of honor, which I would describe as misplaced pride. In any case, I'll do what's necessary to ensure that this point is resolved and never repeated..

"akash, the talent, orak i rechten! "
naveruss kynigrips

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Azazor and a heavy-bodied homin sit around a fire in the Hidden Spring marauding camp. A leg of bodoc is cooking over the fire, while a barrel of shooki liqueur, already well-started, slowly thaws next to it..

- In the end, the matis chickened out and didn't come to escort the caravan. There was only the alcoholic ambassador Nilstilar, present from beginning to end, and the royal clerk Copal, who followed the entire journey through the kingdom without flinching..
- See, I told you they'd snub you..
- Yeah... When I think that they've filled our heads with their rules and their attempt at submission, and the result? Nothing. No matter how hard I prodded the two present, nothing happened. Head down and not a word. So what to think?
- How weak they are.
- Yep, in front of Naveruss and Ulymorus, in a position of strength due to their numbers and the mediocrity of our negotiators, they were able to show off. But in front of all the trykers and fyros present, as well as the rangers, they kept a low profile..

The homin nods in agreement, while Azazor pauses, seeming to reflect..

- Or maybe they realized they'd overdone it and decided not to add to it. Maybe they'd heard about the Trykers' discontent and the risk of the convoy passing through the Shadow Route. After all, I was close to pulling it off..
- In the end, only Naveruss was blocked.?
- That's it. That's it. Even Wixarika was up for it. Anyway, it's a good thing they didn't come to escort us. Just goes to show, it's only the balance of power that works with them. A good blow of pressure, head held high, and there they go..
- You have to use your nerve. That's usually enough with most homins. It's only with kitins that it doesn't work..

The homin bursts out laughing, followed by Azazor..

- Too bad Naveruss didn't understand that. But she obviously didn't understand a lot of things..
- She's probably mad at you?
- What if she's mad at me? Of course she is. She has her pride. She even offered me a duel, which I was happy to refuse. What would that have proved? That she's a better fighter? And then what? In any case, without the real death at stake, duels are a joke..
- Ask him to fight without armor.
- Why would I do that? To scare him with my scars?
- Non, ton gros bide.

Azazor smiled and patted his stomach..

- You can talk!
- No, you idiot. She has to fight without armor so that combat encourages dodging rather than parrying. Too often in the New Lands, homins fight by parrying. And yet, when death can take you permanently, you don't want to parry blows but avoid them at all costs. So force her to fight by dodging. And you'll win..
- How do you know?
- That's all you've been doing your whole trip. Otherwise, you'd be dead.

As he says this, he cuts off a piece of grilled bodoc and hurriedly swallows it..

- There's no denying it, I've missed this cooked meat. You really must come back to the Cloudy Cliff Outpost with Eeri. We've never eaten so well.
- One day perhaps my big Krapoutos, one day... when I have completely despaired of my people...

He also helps himself to a piece of bodoc, which he passes along with a glassful of shooki. Behind them, the marauders look on warily. It's not every day they tolerate a Fyros patriot in their camp. But Akilia is on the prowl and Krapoutos answers for him. And it's true that this grilled bodoc smells delicious!.


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

#25 [fr] 

Courrier adressé au Karan et au Karin Aniro
Stevano-Karan, Aniro-Karin,

The Water Route convoy has crossed the Kingdom without incident..
I must point out in all objectivity that the akenakos Naveruss has kept her commitments to the letter. In particular, she repeatedly put in his place the member of the escort who tried to provoke or insult your subjects..
None of us retaliated, thus honoring our own part of the agreement to respect his authority during the journey. Which was fortunate, because there weren't many of us, and we probably couldn't have prevented any belligerent intent on the part of the escort for very long..
Perhaps this is one of the new forces at work in the Empire, of which Filira Salazar spoke..

I am of course at your service for any further information or details you may require..

Your dedicated,
Filira Copal Frerini
Ambassador of the Kingdom
Scribe Royal
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