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Creator of the event: Event Team.
Type of event: OOC event, mini games, surprises and spooky fun!
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: Starting Friday, 29 October 2021 19:00:00 UTC (2 years ago).
Expected duration: 10 days.
Meeting place: All over Atys.

Homins concerned: All.
Synopsis: Anlor Winn in Jena Year 2615 is blowing on Atys with its OOC events.
To learn more: Detailed announcement & Anlor Tokens

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Creator of the event: Event team.
Type of event: Scary stories Sharing Session.
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: Sunday, 7 November 2021 20:00:00 UTC (2 years ago).
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Anlor Winn Village in Almati Wood.

Homins concerned: All.
Synopsis: Come and scare Anlor Winn itself with your creations or just listen and encourage the storytellers.
To learn more: IC announcement

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Event Suggestions:

1. I wound up with close to 15,000 Anlor Win tokens between left over's from last year and this year ... spent about a third of them trying to lose my soul and stock GH, ours and others, with max level stuff .... burning off the rest 1 at a time to get 250 "wundahamat" for Daily (Crafting) Missions has netted about a stack after 2,500 spins and (21) 250 Crystals / (23) 500 crystals. Everything else required clicking "Drop All" as no interest.

2. This year, it seemed we were hitting the same camps over and over again. Consider after 60 /60 a follow up where ya have to hit every tribe camp you hadn't visited.

While visiting the camps, add a "trick or treat" interaction with an NPC where ya can get one of the following:

a) get a small fixed number of sup mats (not more than 10, not less than 1)
b) get feared outta the camp
c) a mob pops and you have to kill to get the mats

The number of tribes + the "federales" (guard camps)should be enough to get ya a sampling of each mat. Tie the mat level to the player level in harvest.

Yes, I understand that the wheel i intended to be a time sink as well as add the excitement of chance .... but with the Anlor Winn tokens for example .... consider an alternative, whereby if ya have all the weapons / armor "lose your soul" rewards, there's options other than spinning the wheel 10,000 times.
wheel is intended to be both a time sink and

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The Story of Fyrosfreddy, told by Khandoma

While sitting in the Fairhaven Bar one evening, I heard a tale that explained the status of the now abandoned Corrie Finley Farm located in The Fount.
The storyteller / traveller told a tale of meeting the ghost of Corrie Finley who, with her husband Fyrosfreddy, operated the family farm in Fount for 3 decades.
The work was hard but the hardest part for Fyrosfreddy was dealing with this wife Corrie. She was a mean taskmaster and nothing he ever did was good enough.
One day when he stopped for lunch, apparently he was taking too long of a break and she came out to scold him.
As she launched into her tirade, she happened to be standing behind Freddy's mektoub who loved Freddy very much but was not too fond of his wife. As she lifted her walking stick to whack him one to get him moving, the mektoub kicked her in the head with his hind legs and killed her.

When the funeral services were held, the man telling the tale at the bar said Corrie's ghost had been present when the hominas went up to express their sentiments to Freddy, and the ghost observed that he responded only by nodding his head up and down ...
Corrie's ghost also observed that when the homins came up to speak to him, he unerringly responded by turning his head left and right, back and forth.
However, Corrie was unable to hear what questions they had asked Freddy to which he had responded with the nodding and head shaking.

The ghost of Corrie Finley said that she could not rest without knowing what her husband Freddy had said and that the ghost would haunt the traveller until he found it out for her.
The traveller / story teller searched for 5 long years and each year during Anlor Winn, Corrie would return and make his life miserable.
His weapons lost their sharpness, his packers and mount got ill, harvesting weather always prevented him from getting what he needed.

Then one day, he finally met a homina named Khandoma who attended the services.
She told him that she had overheard the homina's askings to Freddy : they had wanted to know if he would continue on at the farm and continue to supply them with all the quality farm produce that Corrie had brought to market over the years, to which Freddy had nodded up and down telling them yes.

Then the ghost anxiously asked: “And what was it that the homin asked Freddy when he responded by turning his head left and right ?”
The traveller responded: I was told that the men “wanted to know if the mektoub was for sale, and if so, would he take less than 10 million dappers ?”


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A Scary Story, told by Krill

Krill takes a bottle filled of byrh and stands up.
"My story takes place just after the Great Swarming, in the area we now call the Grove of Confusion.
The area was still largely unknown when... what was his name again? The father of what's-his-name? Toub...
Anyway. It was just after the time when the city of Yrkanis was founded... Oh yes. By Yrkanis' father. Logical."

Krill drinks a byhr.
"What was I saying? Oh yes. There was a Matis named Velad, or Valad. He was very curious, and he explored the Forest on behalf of his king. Yrkanis' father... And so he was busy mapping the labyrinth north of the Grove of Confusion. And it wasn't easy. Even worse than today. There were nevertheless homins who had already settled there. It's faster to set up a camp than to found a city, right?
And so one day Velad came across a camp somewhere in the Upper Grove. It wasn't a big camp. A few handfuls of homins and homines at the most... "

Krill takes another sip of byrh.
"... and there wasn't too much fun in their camp. It took Velad a little while to figure that out, by the way. But after a while, he finally realized. The whole camp was scared to death. He got them to talk a bit. And so they told him."

Krill finishes her bottle of byrh.
"They told him that every night a huge beast with red eyes was prowling around. That it was attacking and biting the homins, but not killing them. And that was the weirdest thing. Its victims were found unconscious in the morning, somewhere around the camp, with no memory of what had happened. But with the trace of the fangs in their flesh. Then they would weaken, slowly but surely, and eventually die."

Krill reaches into her bag for a new bottle of byrh and takes a drink.
"At the time, the homins hadn't yet realized that the Powers could bring them back. Or the Powers were not systematically doing this yet.
But that wasn't the worst part. It was that the bodies, buried far from the camp, were disappearing. Not like us with the Powers. No. It was as if something had gouged the bark where they were laying, from underground, from the inside."

Krill pauses, and takes the opportunity to have a drink.
"But Velad had seen many things, starting with the Great Swarming. He was not afraid. And so, as night fell, he took up his weapons and began to make rounds around the camp."

     Krill takes a big gulp of byrh and mutters to herself: 'Stupid conceited Matis.'
"But hey. What had to happen happened, and at some point in the night, Velad eventually came across a gigantic beast. With huge red eyes. And even bigger teeth."

Krill mimes big eyes and terrifying teeth.
"He was a bit pretentious, that's for sure. But he was also a damn good fighter, I'll give him that. And so, he started the fight. Trying to stay out of reach of the fangs. Over and over again, he struck, parried, returned to the attack. The beast dodged, it was fast. And it would retaliate. But Velad would parry and come back to attack. Again and again.
In spite of everything, the fight was balanced, neither of the two adversaries managing to take the advantage.
And the night wore on, the day approached."

Krill finishes her second bottle of byrh.
"And, as the light began to grow, the beast stumbled... Velad took the opportunity to cut deeply into its right front leg.
The beast howled in pain.
But just as Velad was about to strike the final blow, the beast abruptly turned and fled into what was left of the night... Velad nearly collapsed from exhaustion and, still, with bit of relief.
But first and foremost, he quickly checked his wounds, for he remembered what those in the camp had told him. He had dozens of scratches, because the beast's claws were sharp too, but fortunately there was no trace of a bite.
Velad was exhausted, but he returned to the camp, which was slowly waking up. Everyone was there, and when the news of the fight spread, everyone came to congratulate him. It was the first time that someone had successfully confronted the beast, and everyone had a big party. And Velad went home with a sense of accomplishment."

Krill empties a bottle of byrh in one go.
"The funny thing about this story is that I've never seen a tribe in the Upper Grove labyrinth..."

Krill tucks her empty bottles into her bag.
"However, many are the jugulas, up there..."

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An Eerie Story, told by Kyriann

Qi-Quang is alone. Although very young, she likes to gather herself in this remote corner of the Jungle, far from the noise of the homins, lulled by a soft breeze on her mask.
A shiver runs through her suddenly; a cold wind has risen around her, an evil wind. But she remains serene. The superstitions of the Trykers cannot frighten her.
A fog rises from the Bark deafening the sounds and blurring the contours.
She closes her eyes, resuming her meditation.
A brush, like a fine lace that settles on her mask makes her jump and look around. But she only sees the beloved landscape, made distant by the fog.
"Ma-Duk loves me, he tests my concentration."
She suddenly puts her hand to her mask: "Ouch!"
Something has scratched her, she can feel the mark on the smooth surface of her mask.
"Who's there??" But her shout doesn't seem to get through the fog and nothing answers.
She tries to reason: "It is your fear that makes you imagine things! The Kamis are protecting you!"
But as she finishes saying these words, she feels a small tug on her frontal horn. She sweeps the air in front of her. The tug disappears.
"Show yourself!"
Still silence answers her.
The pull this time is more brutal and she brings both hands to her mask.
She leaps to her feet and charges forward, where it seems to her that the fog is less dense.
The calm returns and she slows down, looking for her breath.
The violence of the blow on her horn brings tears to her eyes. She feels as if her horn has been torn off. But no, her hands tell her otherwise.
Fear throws her into a frantic flight.
Finally, the fog disperses. In front of her, the sanctuary of Ma-Duk appears. She is saved.
She collapses in tears. Machinally, she brings her hand to her mask. The scratch has disappeared.
It was only her imagination.
She moves towards Chaoi to tell him her misadventure when her eyes are attracted by a movement at her feet.
Her mask horn rolls towards her as in a sob she palpates her mangled mask.

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A Horrific Story, told by Nizyros

Here is a horrible story, too long forgotten...
It was a night, just like this one, filled with heavy and thick mists.
Nobuki was walking down a very dark street in Pyr, like every other night.
Nobuki had no home, but was a very friendly insomniac who was loved by everyone in the bathing district of Pyr.
But this night he didn't feel very well, he felt too hot, he was even suffocating. Usually in autumn, the nights are cool, but there… this heat…
He kept walking when his thought was interrupted by… the ground…

It was getting hot too… his boots… his soles were melting… he found himself stuck to the ground which was melting more and more over a huge distance and at a terrifying speed…
Then a kind of siphon formed in the center and sucked the whole road up to Nobuki's feet. An orange glow spurt out of it, followed by an even more intense heat…
Nobuki felt his skin melting on his cheeks, his fingers turned into blackened jelly, his eyes sank from their sockets, his nose disappeared, as if sucked into the rest of his face…
Then it was his whole body that turned into homin mush buried under a thin pile of clothes!!!
To this day, the road has been rebuilt and the story of our Nobuki forgotten.

But, this much is certain, you should never walk alone in the streets during Anlor-Winn night!

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The Legend of the Repelling Yubo, told by Rizyinshi

You came to be spooked by scary stories.
Sadly I know none.
None more scary than the Ghost Yubo.
Many have fallen victim to cursed boots.
That glow of supernaturally charged yubo pee.
For once the Ghost Yubo has marked your shoes.
You’ll need not worry about Social Distance.
People will avoid you.
Dates will cancel. But, you will have a lot of free time.
You see, Anlor Winn fears the Ghost Yubo… as do I.


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Eine kuriose Geschichte, erzählt von Umaena

Es war ein strahlender Herbstnachmittag und ich hatte mich auf den Weg gemacht, den Dschungel der Städte der Einsicht zu erkunden.
Als sich der Tag dem Ende zuneigte und ich mich am Rande des Jungfernhains beeilte, um nicht von der Nacht überrascht zu werden, stieg dichter Nebel aus dem Boden auf. Schnell war ich von den Nebeln umringt. Die Luft war eiskalt und ich konnte nicht mehr weiter als drei Meter weit sehen.
Kein Geräusch aus dem üppigen Dschungel drang mehr an meine Ohren. Ich war besorgt und irrte mehrere Stunden lang umher, ohne zu wissen, wohin ich wirklich ging, bis ich auf einen Baum mit einem hohlen Stamm stieß. Erschöpft kauerte ich mich in die Höhle und schlief nach kurzer Zeit ein.
Mitten in der Nacht wurde ich plötzlich geweckt. Ich weiß nicht genau, warum.
Der Nebel hatte sich gelichtet und ein Licht in der Ferne erregte meine Aufmerksamkeit.
Als ich mich vorsichtig näherte, sah ich, dass es sich um eine einfache Holzhütte handelte, die an einem Steilhang stand und aus deren offener Tür ein sanftes Licht strömte. Ermutigt beschloss ich, zur Tür zu gehen. Zwei junge Zorai saßen um einen gedeckten Tisch herum. Sie waren weiß gekleidet, hatten feine, anmutige Gesichtszüge, eine blassblaue Hautfarbe und eine makellose Maske.
Als sie mich sahen, standen sie auf und begrüßten mich in der Sprache der Zorai. Ich stellte mich vor und erzählte ihnen von meinem Missgeschick. Sie begrüßten mich freundlich und luden mich ein, an ihrem Essen teilzunehmen. Ich legte meine Handschuhe auf eine Ecke des Tisches und nahm einen Hocker.
Wir aßen und sie erzählten mir, dass sie zwei Ernteschwestern waren, die in diesem bescheidenen Haus lebten. Ich verbrachte einen sehr angenehmen Abend mit ihnen. Wir unterhielten uns lange und ausgiebig und scherzten bis spät in die Nacht. Die Müdigkeit übermannte uns und sie boten mir einen bequemen Sessel an. Ich nahm den Vorschlag gerne an und kuschelte mich in den Sessel. Auch dieses Mal dauerte es nicht lange, bis ich einschlief.
Bei Sonnenaufgang wurde ich ruckartig geweckt.
Ich war überrascht, als ich feststellte, dass ich mich in den Baum gekuschelt hatte. In der Ferne fiel mir jedoch etwas auf... Wie in der Nacht zuvor stand dort eine Hütte, die sich an einen Steilhang lehnte, aber in sehr schlechtem Zustand war. Neugierig näherte ich mich der Tür und trat ein.
Das Innere war ähnlich wie die Hütte der beiden Zorai, schien aber seit Jahrhunderten verlassen zu sein.
Ein großer Tisch und drei Hocker, die mit Staub und Spinnweben bedeckt waren, standen dort.
Verwirrt wollte ich gerade gehen, als ich sie plötzlich dort an der Ecke des Tisches liegen sah: Mein Paar Handschuhe, in perfektem Zustand, in der gleichen Position, wie ich sie in Erinnerung hatte.
Von einem plötzlichen Gefühl des Unbehagens gepackt, nahm ich sie an mich und verließ eilig die Hütte.
Was war in dieser Nacht passiert? Hatte ich geträumt? Hatte mir der Schlechte Wind einen Streich gespielt?
Oder vielleicht war es nur eine Geschichte? Wer weiß?

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A Sad Story, told by Wieny

This is the story of a child whose family was convinced that he was cursed.

From the moment he was born, they tried to see how the curse would reveal itself. Everyone watched him grow up wondering how the curse would show itself. The years passed, the Cursed grew into a strong young man full of promise, but unable to see the blessings that nature had given him. He lived on the fringes of his family and friends, suffering their implicit rejection and knowing that they would do something terrible to him if he turned out to be as cursed as he was supposed to be, and he kept his distance from the other homins, afraid of bringing the same curse upon their heads.

One day, however, as he stood on the edge of an assembly like ours, one of the people present noticed him and smiled. This smile warmed the heart of the Cursed, who had not had many such sincere smiles. Some time later he ran into this person again, who stopped for a moment to talk to him, still with such kindness. The Cursed knew he had to stay away from this person so as not to attract the curse, but her gentleness was so good for him that he began to seek her company. Before he knew it, he was deeply in love.

It was, however, a hopeless love. He could not live it, for fear of his family's reactions. And he soon realized that Mayu, his great love, showed as much kindness and gentleness towards many people. Mayu loved people, but did not love the Cursed as much as he loved her. To be alone on the edge of the world, when that is all you have known, is already terribly sad. But once one has tasted the hope of being two, it becomes unbearable to accept this loneliness.

The Cursed tried to give up on Mayu, but invariably ended up by her side when the opportunity presented itself. If a ragus put Mayu in danger, then the Cursed would come running, put the predator to flight, and raise his love, hiding the depth of his trouble. If Mayu wanted a story, then the Cursed would find a tale, and if Mayu wanted peace, then the Cursed would retreat, weeping over the coldness of his love. The Cursed was jealous of anyone who could get close to Mayu. However, since Mayu loved them, then he tried to love them too. The Cursed was going crazy with this loneliness as well as with this impossible love. Every day he was getting further away from his family. Every day he toyed with the idea of this curse, wondering if it was the key to his deliverance, but at the same time he was afraid to think about it. His family was surveying him, and Mayu ignored him.

Life became so painful for him that he longed for one thing only: that his seed of life would break. Sometimes, however, he wished that it was the seed of life of all the other homins that broke. Even Mayu's. Then the thought horrified him. His madness was getting bigger and bigger. Was it the curse that finally expressed itself or did he have to make real what he had been foretold? He became more and more violent and bitter, until he extinguished every spark of love and sweetness in his heart.

I would like to say that this story had a happy ending, and that a solution was found. But alas...

The Cursed eventually came across a sorcerer with immense powers. This wizard knew many things that were inaccessible to ordinary homins. He could have freed the Cursed from his curse, or made his family more loving, or helped the Cursed to be loved by Mayu. He could have revealed to him the mysteries of Night and Time that would have made these stories futile. But the Cursed didn't believe in any of that, didn't hope for anything. He asked the wizard for the easiest thing in the world for someone like him: something to destroy a seed of life. It may have been easy, but it was also sad, and the wizard tried to divert the Cursed from his purpose by asking him for a price that was far too high. But the Cursed paid the price and swallowed the poison.

The story does not say whether anyone mourned the death of the Cursed. However, the one who told me this story had tears in his eyes. Who knows where these tears came from? When the wind of Anlor Winn blows, take care of your loved ones. Love them fully and unconditionally. There is no better cure for curses.

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