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I will start on the front-end with an apology for sounding like the “get off my lawn, old man” and this will be the only mention for doing so. About 5wks ago I had returned to the Rootball after a 16-month hiatus, and what immediately caught my attention is the new breed of toons. Understanding that is “just a game” there seems to way too many toons taking the notion or idea of “role-play” to the extreme. Now, I’m a relic, someone from the past, so I’m rather attached to the old customs. Never understood nor liked the new ones, and this new breed of toons just does not understand that Ryzom is truly a relaxing environment made up of 40-somethings and above (sorry to the 30-somethings though) who come to chat, maybe train and nowadays, use the wheel far more than in the beginning when it was first introduced. There was a college-age toon who had spent 10’s of millions of dappers on the wheel (I wonder what had ever become of Virg) – and even though his Chronological age is (was) very young for Ryzom, he understood how the environment operated. Remember; it is not the speed with which something is learned but that it is learned at all that counts.

Ryzom is about making friends in a game that become life-long friends out of the game (Feno and I to use an example) and I promise that if the new breeds do not understand this concept, that they will either burn-out, be phased-out, or be ignored and relegated to their own pitiful guild. Here is a thought; you will earn the respect of all if you begin by earning the respect of yourself. Don't expect to encourage good deeds in people conscious of your own misdeeds - because you have chosen not to respect yourself, you have made your happiness subject to the opinions others have of you. I understand my flaws but I have been around for 13+years, have earned the respect of a lot of toons because I understand that this is just a “game” – that the real world is filled with a White, Red, Black, and Pale horse and that the Rootball is one of our mental sanctuary’s (and maybe the only place for some).

So, I will end this with another thought; What is homin? His life a point in time, his substance a watery fluxion, his perceptions dim, his flesh food for worms, his soul a vortex, his destiny inscrutable, his fame doubtful. In sum, the things of the flesh are a river, the things of the soul all dream and smoke; life is war and a posting abroad; posthumous fame ends in oblivion.

Thank you,


“Life is simple, unpredictable, and beautiful but always remember that even though something ends, something new begins, so take a deep breath and move on.” - Zatarga

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I genuinely appreciated your other post regarding Atys fame but you truly do sound like the old man sitting in his rocking chair who throws rocks at the kids. Not all of us new toons are what you described and I have not met any unpleasant people. Maybe the issue is you.

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"Understanding that is “just a game” there seems to way too many toons taking the notion or idea of “role-play” to the extreme... etc "

Peut-être pourriez vous développer ce que vous voulez dire parce que l'expérience que j'ai dans Ryzom est totalement inverse de la votre. Je ne comprend pas tout ce que vous voulez dire en employant des sous entendus. Je suis aussi jeune dans le jeu (environ 5 ans) et tout ce que j'ai entendu des anciens joueurs est justement qu'il n'y a plus de roleplay aujourd’hui, que les gens prennent une faction juste par facilité ou méconnaissance de la lore sans se préoccuper de l'histoire.

Je ne suis ni pour, ni contre ce que vous dite, il est toujours intéressant de comprendre les diverses expériences vécues par les joueurs. Cela vient peut-être aussi du début de Ryzom ou les joueurs ont débutés sur des serveurs différents qui avaient différentes pratiques de jeu.

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@Eolinius --- Vous avez raison, nous avions des idées et des valeurs différentes sur l'ancien serveur avant les fusions, mais il semble aussi que certaines personnes prennent un jeu de rôle trop sérieux, agissant un comportement ridicule parce qu'elles sont probablement des solitaires dans leur vie réelle - encore une fois , juste un jeu mais un comportement dysfonctionnel qui ne serait pas toléré dans le monde réel, ne devrait pas être accepté ni toléré ici ... Je sais que je ne l'explique pas correctement mais je crois que ce que j'ai écrit précédemment a du sens pour l'ancien -heure. - Mon français est rouillé.

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@Zatarga --- Ce que je ne comprends pas c'est quand vous dites "certaines personnes prennent un jeu de rôle trop sérieux"

-qu'est ce qu'un jeu de rôle trop sérieux ?

Vous pensez peut-être aux maraudeurs et au PVP ?

"un comportement dysfonctionnel qui ne serait pas toléré dans le monde réel"

C'est l’éternel débat sur la notion du roleplay entre ceux qui trouvent qu'un personnage est l'extension d'eux mêmes, et les autres qui considèrent le roleplay comme une pièce de théâtre ou on peut s’amuser a jouer tous les rôles.

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@Eolinius --- Non, juste en général - la faction n'a rien à voir avec le comportement - tous ont leur part et non, pas en ce qui concerne l'attitude JcJ, cela fait partie du jeu. Comme je l'ai mentionné plus tôt, je ne l'exprime peut-être pas correctement, mais les anciens joueurs de serveurs anglais comprendraient. Merci :-)

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Multilingual | Français | [English]
[Thanks Deepl for help ; I prefer to correct some details of the automatic translation, despite my rather low level of English. Hopefully this will limit misunderstandings. And I know, this thread is not multilingual, so tags doesn't work properly.]

I'd like some clarification too. I agree that it is just a game, and a fabulous one at that, where we can meet people and find real friends beyond the game.

The population changes over the years, that's a fact, even if some dinosaurs survive the time. I myself have become a dinosaur over time: it's a strange idea to know that I'm one of the "old" ones (after 10 years around here, it's time to assume it), even if we find older ones!

Some things I don't like about the current community: the usual drama (but there has always been some, and as soon as one is solved, another story comes along with new protagonists), the increasingly small population, the difficulty to find some player profiles. Some things are still nice: most people are kind and mature, we always find someone to chat with all evening, some recurrent dramas seem to be solved at last and it's nice not to have them anymore.

While I find that there are fewer "newbies" than tfew years ago, among those newbies I meet some fabulous people, for roleplay or for discovering the various aspects of the game. There are also people who thinks they can find here what we have in modern MMOs. Ryzom is an experience that invites to contemplation, settling down and socializing: those looking for action and adrenaline, without needing others, are often disappointed and leave quickly. However, I don't really see the connection with roleplay. Probably my definition of it is too elitist: enjoying building a story with others takes time and it often takes a few months for newcomers to figure out how to play with it. And the roleplay is very reduced now.

One thing I think is important in what you say (if I understood correctly!): yes, we are in a game here, with humans who all deserve our respect. All our actions should keep that in mind. Playing "against" (a faction, a guild, etc.) should also be done with people who like to play in opposition; imposing our style on others is harmful. If we don't have fun with someone, don't play with him !

I remember very strong moments with some players, where we played some pretty extreme sequences, even leading to the final death of some of our characters. If the actions "between homins" were rough, the dialogues "between humans" were full of kindness and fun and that's what allowed us to go so far: we were playing with friends, even if it was an opposition game. Incidentally, these sequences were not "public", it was played in the Alentours, with some soft elements on the Roleplay forum. There were no insults on Universe ;) I would easily classify this as extreme RP, but the prerequisite was: each of us was willing to take on the actions at hand, and we didn't impose our way of playing on those who didn't want that.

I get the impression that some of the behavior in play bothered you. Without naming anyone (pointing fingers is bad :P), is it possible to better describe these problematic behaviors, so that the authors can perhaps rethink their actions? Or is it just a simple impression, a general thought without any factual basis? I'm really not sure I understand :)

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@Zatalyz --- Oui, pointer du doigt est terrible parce que si vous pointez quelqu'un, trois autres vous pointent du doigt. Les individus savent qui ils sont s'ils lisent réellement ces messages, mais le comportement réel est celui d'un garçon gâté de 14 ans. Je m'excuse si cela semble insultant car ce n'est pas censé l'être, mais sur la base de mon observation au cours des 6 dernières semaines, je me demande si le jeu avait une limite d'âge de personne de moins de 18 ans n'est autorisé à jouer si une certaine faction perdrait 75%. de ses membres et 85% de ses toons féminines? Toutes les factions ont leurs pommes pourries mais l'une semble attirer les enfants qui veulent vivre un film fantastique de Marvel. Il y a quelques joueurs plus âgés dans cette faction avec lesquels je suis très bon ami (ou du moins je crois que je le suis) - j'ai juste du mal à comprendre le comportement odieux et adolescent - comme mon titre l'indique, peut-être juste le vieil homme Ryzom ...Merci

I understand that I should translate just lazy - sorry.

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@Eolinius --- Non, juste en général - la faction n'a rien à voir avec le comportement - tous ont leur part et non, pas en ce qui concerne l'attitude JcJ, cela fait partie du jeu. Comme je l'ai mentionné plus tôt, je ne l'exprime peut-être pas correctement, mais les anciens joueurs de serveurs anglais comprendraient. Merci :-)

JcJ, Joueurs contre Joueurs, ne serait-ce pas plutot Personnages contre Personnages.
Je vois pas ce qui m'empeche d'etre amis avec quelqu'un mais que mon personnage soit l'ennemis de son personnage. On peut etre cordial/amical en message prive et se mettre sur la tronche dans le jeu.
Un des gros soucis vient du fait que beaucoup de monde ne fait plus la difference entre personnages et les joueurs derriere.

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@Silvanders --- well said.
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