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Ryzom Code of Conduct

The following rules cover the most common situations but they are not exhaustive. The Customer Support team has the right to amend these rules if a new situation should arise which needs further clarification.

If a case is too specific to appear in the rules but nevertheless requires the intervention of the Support team, they can act and promulgate, at any time, warnings or sanctions without being required to inform the whole community.

If you witness a rule violation or infringement, please inform Customer Support by using one of the following means:
– the in-game ticket system;
– an in-game private chat to an online CSR (/tell command);
– Rocket Chat;
– an e-mail sent to

The Support Team
A. Disagreement with a player
B. Warnings and Sanctions
C. Code of Conduct's Rules:

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The Support Team

Its members are volunteers under non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and are not allowed to reveal their identity neither to other players nor to other members of the Ryzom teams. If a player thinks he knows the identity of the player behind the CSR (or any NDA members of a Ryzom team), he is prohibited from disclosing the information to others and doing so would be cause for sanctions to be applied. (major offense, see B. Warnings and sanctions)

Members of Support are in charge of solving the various problem related to the game (technical, disciplinary, etc.). They must behave with politeness and courtesy at all times. If you have a disagreement with a member, you can address a complaint, duly documented, to which will be forwarded to the head of Support. Any unfair complaint against a member of Support may be subject to a sanction.

When a member of Support contacts you, you must follow their instructions and reply with courtesy and politeness. Any breach will be sanctioned according to our procedures for sanctions and escalation policy. (See B. Warnings and sanctions)

We remind you that members of Support dedicate their time (both game and real life time) to ensure that everyone can play in a peaceful environment: try to have this in mind when you contact a Team member. This is of course the same for all teams: CSR, dev, event, etc.

The Support Team is subject to strict rules that prohibit them from teaming, exchanging with, dueling with any player, or resurrecting them. These rules also forbid them from using their powers for any purpose other than those defined within the context of their function, under risk of removal of their CSR account, or even their player account. In addition, CSRs are not allowed to process tickets involving their own player guilds or characters.
In accordance with these rules, control tools record all critical commands used by CSRs (as well as members of other teams) and display them internally for real-time control by all. Each connection of a member of Support (and of other teams) is also visible so that everyone can verify that no one has usurped their account.

All decisions taken are collective ones and therefore you may be contacted by several members of Support about the same issue depending on its nature.

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A. Disagreement with another player

In the case of a disagreement with another player, you are expected to try to find to an amicable settlement yourselves. A ticket should be a recourse of last resort; it should only be sent if you are not able to resolve the situation and a third party needs to become involved.

If you have to resort to sending the above-mentioned ticket, it is important to take screenshot(s), depending on the situation, for further reference. It is essential that the screenshot(s) show(s) the entire in-game screen and has not been changed in any way (censorship or anything else) in order to be considered acceptable. It has to show clearly the violation that you want to point out. Note that a screenshot showing the open map allows us to see the Atysian date, which is easily transposable to a real date. We also accept videos. For any other questions, you can contact us directly in game through a /tell if a CSR is online, through Rocket Chat, or through an e-mail sent to

N.B. Any abuse of the ticket system will be documented and sanctioned.

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B. Warnings and sanctions

The Customer Support Team has the right to issue warnings or sanctions depending on the seriousness of an infraction, the reaction of the implicated player towards the Support team, and their in-game history (sanctions and previous warnings). A player might thus be given a reprimand, a warning, a suspension period ranging between 24h and several days, or a permanent ban.

Penalty scales

The penalty scale for a minor offence starts with an official warning followed by a 24h suspension, then three days, then one week and up to two weeks. It can be followed or preceded by a mute of increasing duration at the place of the infraction (channels of the game, or Rocket Chat, or forum etc.).
This penalty scale is reset after one year without sanctions.

The scale of penalties for a major offence starts with a week of suspension, then one month and then permanent banning of the account. It can be followed by a kick off the server if necessary.
This penalty scale is reset after three years without sanctions (except for permanent ban).

Critical offence: Final banning of the account after warning the player by e-mail.

N.B. In the case of a heavy and immediate sanction (suspension or permanent banning of an account), as the player in question can no longer be contacted in-game, he or she will be contacted only through e-mail to the e-mail address filed in his/her personal account. This is why it is important to enter a valid e-mail address when registering. If the player in question does not receive the e-mail, or if they wish to dispute the sanction, they can contact the Customer Support team at


The sanctions provided in the Ryzom Code of Conduct shall be assigned as follows:
  • Mutes and verbal warnings may be applied by all CSRs.
  • Official warnings (by email) may be applied by all CSRs from the GM grade upwards.
  • Suspensions may only be applied by CSRs at the SGM level.
  • Account bans may only be decided and enforced by Winch Gate Limited.

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C. Rules of the Code of Conduct

I. Courtesy Rules

I.1. Harassment of a player or of a member of a Ryzom Team (Major/Minor Offence: depending on the degree, the Support Team will decide on each case)

Provocation and harassment, whether verbal or through gameplay actions, are prohibited in-game as well as on Ryzom's chat channels: insults, threats of all kinds (under cover of roleplay or not), provocation via emotes or other, but also the chain kill of a character, its campfires or its mektoubs (except during outpost battles), repeated or regular pullovers of mobs on the same character... This list is not exhaustive.
The Support team reserves the right to prepare a file if it deems a case to be proven harassment, as well as to take the decisions that are necessary based on the seriousness of the facts.

I.2. Slander or rumour about a Ryzom Team member or Winch Gate (Major/Minor offence: depending on the degree, the Support Team will decide on each case)

Spreading rumours, false accusations or lies against a member of the Ryzom Team or against Winch Gate, in order to harm them or their reputation or honour, is strictly prohibited.
The Support team reserves the right to make appropriate decisions based on the seriousness of the facts.

I.3. Insults, rudeness, disrespect towards a player or a Ryzom Team member (Minor Offence)

It is strictly prohibited to insult, be rude to, or show lack of respect towards other players, either directly or indirectly, under cover of roleplay or not, and/or in a language that they may or may not understand. Support team has the right to define the seriousness of the exchanged insults and to punish them at its own discretion.

I.4. Disobedience of Support member's instructions (Minor Offence)

When a member of Support contacts you, you must respond as quickly as possible and follow his or her instructions carefully, otherwise you will incur a penalty.

I.5. Disturbance of an in-game event (Minor Offence)

As respect towards the players participating in an event and towards the Event Team that prepared it, players not concerned with this event are asked not to come and disturb the event by using words or actions that are inappropriate or irrelevant. Any abuse may be punished.
If you would like to interact with a scheduled event, please contact the Event Team (, which will judge the admissibility of your request.

I.6. Account sharing (No Offence)

Sharing a player account is strongly discouraged.
The support team totally disengages itself from any problem resulting from such sharing; logging into the account without the owner's agreement, theft of items belonging to a character on the account or to his guild (whether sold, exchanged or destroyed), change of faction, nation or renown of a character on the account, appropriation of the account by another player, etc.
In case of account sharing, the account owner remains responsible for the words and actions of his characters and therefore incurs a sentence in case of violation of the Code of Conduct.

I.7. Bad behaviour on a chat channel of the game (Game server, IRC, forums and Rocket chat included) (Minor Offence)

Universe channels are primarily channels of mutual help (questions-answers about the game, request for help, rez ...). They are also open to any discussion of interest to most of the community. If not, please use the /tell or a private channel. Flooding is therefore moderated there and trolling, spamming (action of repeating or publishing several messages in a row within a few minutes) and flaming are prohibited.

1. Any harassment, threat, or other embarrassing and disquieting act towards another player or member of a Ryzom team is prohibited.
2. Rude, abusive, defamatory, obscene, xenophobic and anti-semitic language is prohibited. Similarly, any sexually explicit statement is banned.
3. You may not impersonate any employee of Winch Gate, CSR or any other member of Ryzom teams.
4. You must not violate any laws, whether local, national, European or international.
5. The illegal transfer of documents, files or the like is prohibited via Winch Gate's network of sites.
6. When, in-game or through any other Ryzom service, a CSR member contacts you, you must answer and follow their instructions.
7. You may not use Winch Gate's services for activities other than those permitted in the gaming world.
8. If the information on your profile is false, incomplete or incorrect, you will not be able, in some cases, to benefit from the support provided, because the CSRs could not identify you correctly.
9. You must not communicate any personal data of other players, whether in-game, on the forums of Winch Gate, through IRC or on Rocket Chat.

Courtesy in the game
1. You must not violate the Code of Conduct.
2. Any harassment, whatever its form, is prohibited.
3. You must not obstruct another player during their game phases.
4. You must behave respectfully towards other players and the members of Ryzom Team.
5. You must not hide behind a "role" to transgress the rules of Courtesy.

Forum Rules
1. You must not violate the Code of Conduct.
2. You must express yourself clearly, act civilly and politely.
3. You must not harass or insult other players, neither any member of a Ryzom Team.
4. Cross-posting (posting the same message several times to attract attention) is prohibited.
5. You are required to report any message that is illegal or violates these rules.
6. Advertising for websites and so forth with no link with Ryzom is prohibited.

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II. Naming Policy

The naming policy defines the rules that govern the choice of the name of your character when it is created. It is established by the support team under the direction of its manager.

Name choice

When creating your character, in the final phase you will have to choose a name for him/her. It is advisable to take inspiration from the the Lore to have a character that adheres better to the universe of Atys. If you have no ideas or the names you choose are already taken, you can use the random name generator available in this step. Nonetheless, a name less roleplay but in accordance with the charter below will be accepted.

Name change

At any time, a Support Team Member can contact you and ask you to choose another name if it does not comply with the rules below.

You can request a name change from a Support Member for reasons such as roleplay, wish to abandon a name that is attracting other players' mockery, anonymity... (this list is not exhaustive). Your request must be reasoned and will be validated by the Support Team.

The maximum number of pseudonym changes will depend on the type of your account:
  • Free to Play account: 1 allowed name change for each character.
  • Premium account: 1 change of name allowed every six months for each character.

Naming Policy and penalties for violations

N.B. If a player creates multiple characters with names that violate the naming policy in the "Very offensive names" section below, they may be subject to the sanctions provided in the Code of Conduct.

1. Very offensive names
The character is immediately renamed with a default name and an email is sent to the player to inform them of the name change.

  • You may not use coarse, racially or ethnically offensive, obscene, sexual, or drug culture words or phrases as names.  You may not use spelling to conceal the use of such names. Your name may not refer to sexual anatomy, nor be an abusive phrase.  This prohibition covers any language used in the game.

  • You may not use a name chosen to harm, in any way, or impersonate another player, including Winch Gate Property Limited Employees or a Ryzom Team volunteers.


2. Offensive names
The character is renamed with 24h of delay to allow time for the the player to propose a new name. This for characters created after the publication of the present Naming Policy.

  • You may not use names that are phonetically offensive or would go against the Naming Policy.
  • You may not use names of religious, occult or significant historic origin (e.g.: Jesus, Lucifer, Nosferatu)
  • You may not use names containing titles such as: Master, King, Queen, Lord, Sir, Mother, God... (this list is not exhaustive).


3. Forbidden names:
The character is renamed with 3 days of delay to allow time for the the player to propose a new name. This for characters created after the publication of the present Naming Policy.

  • You may not use names that are copyrighted, trademarks or names of materials or products (e.g.: Fujitsu, Whiskey, Tylenol, Toshiba).
  • You may not use names of famous people, politicians and popular fictional characters (e.g.: Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump, James Bond.).
  • You may not use proper nouns of Ryzom (e.g.: Jena, Tryton, Yrkanis, Mabreka).
  • You may not use a name which is the reverse spelling of a name in contradiction with the Naming Policy (e.g.: Anej, Notyrt, Sinakry, etc.).
  • You may not use easily recognized names that come from another universe such as medieval fantasy or science fiction or others, either fictional or non-fictional, even if hidden by a slightly different spelling (e.g.: Skywolker, Gondalf, Flintstains, Obywan) .
  • You may not use common words or phrases not pertaining to the Ryzom universe, as names (e.g.: cell phone, microwave, truck).


Characteristics of Guild Names

For the most part, guild names must comply with all the rules of names and are subject to the same rules as character names in terms of renaming, depending on whether the elements that make up the name of the guild are very offensive, offensive or just forbidden.
There are, however, several exceptions:
  • The name of a guild can use the proper noun of places on Atys in order to facilitate the role play (e.g.: The Protectors of Fairhaven).
  • The name of a guild can have in its title, for roleplay purposes, the name of a character of the Lore if the whole does not break any point of the Naming Policy and is consistent with the Lore. So, "The children of Elias", "The disciples of Mabreka" conform to the charter of names, but "The Jar of Tryton" does not.
Characteristics of pets names:

The animals belonging to player's character (mount, packers, zigs) must be named according to the Naming Policy, except the one related to the proper names of Ryzom. These animals are subject to the same rules as character names in terms of renaming, depending on whether the elements that make up the name of the animal are very offensive, offensive or simply forbidden.


If you think that a player's name is inappropriate, disturbing, or incompatible with the game, you can report it to us by ticket or directly in game by contacting a member of the Support Team (the list of CSRs in-game at the moment is displayed under the SYSTEM INFO tab of the chat window when you type /who gm).

If you want to challenge a rename request (any abuse will be sanctioned), you can contact the head of support via e-mail to
Any request will be studied very carefully, any abuse will be recorded on the player’s profile and, if necessary, sanctioned.

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III. Infracción de la integridad del juego


III.1. Datos de servidores pirateados, descifrados o asimilados (Delito Crítico)

Cambiar el cliente o su medio de comunicación con el servidor con el fin de obtener una ventaja está estrictamente prohibido y se castiga con una prohibición permanente.

III.2. Piratería de Cuentas (Delito Crítico)

La toma del control de una cuenta de Ryzom por un jugador el cual no es propietario, independientemente de los medios informáticos utilizados está estrictamente prohibida y es sujeto de una prohibición definitiva, excepto si fue hecha con explícito acuerdo con el propietario (por ejemplo para resolver problemas técnicos vía compartición) o si el propietario ha compartido su usuario y clave con esta persona (ver I.6.).

III.3. Utilización de un bot (delito grave)

Uso de un programa de terceros para reproducir acciones de scripts.

Se prohíbe estrictamente el uso de macros que no forman parte del macro sistema integrado de Ryzom para que su personaje sea total o parcialmente independiente de su control directo.
Esta regla también se aplica a las Ruedas de la Fortuna de las ciudades capitales.

El control de varios personajes mediante el uso de un programa de terceros está estrictamente prohibido. Si, durante un control, el Equipo de soporte no puede discernir si un jugador está abusando de esta regla, el jugador deberá proporcionar la prueba de que no está usando ningún software de terceros para controlar a varios personajes al mismo tiempo.

III.4. Multi-boxing

4.1- Regla General para el multi-boxing

Multiboxing (jugar varios personajes al mismo tiempo, sin la ayuda de terceros) está limitada a dos cuentas conectadas simultáneamente durante batallas por puestos de avanzada, cacería de jefes, ataques de jefes merodeadores y eventos de guiones de historia (ver III.4.2) y toleradas hasta cuatro cuentas para otras actividades.

Cuando un jugador juega varios personajes simultáneamente (multi-boxing), no debe haber dudas para un observados que ellos son controlados manualmente, uno por uno, y no por un bot. En caso de duda, se solicita al observador que envíe a Soporte un video mostrando los caracteres actuando en un modo aparentemente sincronizado. Soporte decidirá si ello constituye una violación del Código de Conducta y, sí es, el trabajo de un posible bot (ver III.3) o si es una violación de éste párrafo. En el caso último, las cuentas involucradas estarán sujetas a restricción de conexión simultánea (inhabilitación para conectar dos o más cuentas simultáneamente).

4.2- Multi-boxing durante batallas por puestos de avanzada, jefes y jefes merodeadores o en eventos de guiones de historia (Ofensa Grave)

El Multi-boxing está limitado a dos cuentas conectadas simultáneamente durante las batallas por puesto de avanzada, cacería de jefes, ataques a jefes merodeadores y eventos de guión de historieta. Sí Ud. sospecha abuso, por favor envíe una captura de pantalla o video mostrando la violación a Soporte.

4.3- Multi-boxing para mas de 4 personajes (Ofensa Grave)

El número de cuentas conectadas simultáneamente está limitado a cuatro.
Sin embargo, Soporte al Cliente puede hacer excepciones en casos individuales (tales como familias numerosas, computadores públicas, etc.) Si usted considera que debería ser exento, por favor contacte a Soporte a través de, mencionando la razón para su solicitud junto con los nombres de las cuentas involucradas.

III.5. Explotar (Ofensa Crítica, Mayor o Menor, dependiendo del caso)

El concepto de explotar cubre cualquier uso de un programa de terceros, una modificación o recompilación del cliente o un bug para obtener una ventaja sobre los otros jugadores.

Las explotaciones (exploits) están prohibidas y son castigadas por el Equipo de Atención al Cliente, que tiene el derecho de decidir la gravedad del exploit notado. Sobre este tema, las ofensas repetidas son un factor agravante.

Descubrir una brecha de seguridad o un error explotable no constituye una violación del Código de Conducta siempre y cuando el mismo sea reportado inmediatamente vía correo electrónico a Soporte ( y no estará sujeto a sanciones, siempre y cuando se detenga el uso del mismo después de haberlo descubierto.

Si sospecha del uso de un exploit, debe ponerse en contacto con nosotros a través de uno de los medios mencionados anteriormente.

III.6.Arrastrar Bestias fuera de las batallas del puestos de avanzada (Ofensa Menor)

Está prohibido arrastrar intencionadamente una o varias bestias hacia otro jugador para matarlo o acosarlo. Si un jugador ve o es informado de que ha cometido involuntariamente arrastre de bestias, debe disculparse y hacer todo lo posible para resucitar a los personajes en cuestión, si es necesario.

Si eres víctima de un arrastre intencional y puedes probarlo (por ejemplo, una captura de pantalla de un indicador que muestre que, al ser contactado por ti, la persona que arrastró no mostró ningún signo de remordimiento y no quería volver y revivirte), puedes contactar con el Equipo de Soporte a través de una de las formas mencionadas anteriormente. Entonces abriremos un archivo y actuaremos en consecuencia. También en este caso se tendrán en cuenta las reincidencias.
Sólo se tolera el arrastre de bestias durante una batalla de puestos avanzados (ver III.9. Falta de respeto a las reglas del PvP).

III.7. Robo de bestias (Ofensa Menor)

Matar a una bestia que ya está siendo atacado por otro jugador o grupo de jugadores se considera como un robo y está prohibido.

Si, después de tratar de resolver la situación entre las partes involucradas, no se encuentra ninguna solución, puede ponerse en contacto con el Equipo de Soporte a través de los medios mencionados anteriormente. Sin embargo, antes de ponerse en contacto con cualquier CSR, ¡primero intente comunicarse con los jugadores involucrados y resolverlo entre ustedes mismos!

En el caso de un Boss(nivel 270) o un Named mob(nivel 260), consulte el siguiente párrafo.

III.8. Normas con respecto Jefes, Jefes Merodeadores y Named mobs (Ofensa Menor)

a) Robo de Jefes, Jefes Merodeadores o Nombrados

Un Jefe, Jefe Merodeador o Nombrado, pertenece al primer equipo que lo ha bloqueado, siempre y cuando el bloqueo esté activo. (Ver para más información).
Un segundo equipo puede asumir el Jefe, Jefe Merodeador o Nombrado sólo si todavía no está bloqueado o si está desbloqueado. Para hacer esto, puede exclusivamente:
  • Lucha contra el primer equipo en PvP;
  • Aprovechar la salida del primer equipo, que desbloquea automáticamente el Jefes, Jefes Merodeadores o Nombrados. Tenga en cuenta que si sólo queda un jugador vivo o presente del equipo que ha bloqueado al Jefes, Jefes Merodeadores o Nombrados, se desbloqueará.
El arrastre de mobs con el objetivo de debilitar al otro equipo está prohibido y, por lo tanto, es puede castigar (véase III.6).

Un Jefe, Jefe Merodeador o Nombrado se considera libre siempre que no esté bloqueado por ningún equipo.
El tire de Jefe, Jefe Merodeador o Nombrado por una sola persona, es decir sin equipo, es posible pero insuficiente para causar el bloqueo. Volver a re-adquirir el Jefe, Jefe Merodeador o Nombrado en este caso no se considera robo en este caso.

b) Acampar en sitios de Jefes o Nombrados

Acampar en Jefes o Nombrados en su lugares no está regulado porque a menudo es imposible de probar.

III.9. Falta de respeto a las reglas de JcJ (ofensa menor)

En Ryzom, el JcJ es siempre consensual. Activar tu etiqueta JcJ, entrar en una zona JcJ o participar en una batalla de puestos avanzados implica que aceptas las consecuencias. En pocas palabras, si no quieres participar en la acción de JcJ, es tu responsabilidad no activar tu tag o no entrar en las zonas de JcJ.

a) Facción JcJ

Un jugador que activa su etiqueta JcJ acepta las consecuencias, sean cuales sean las circunstancias.Por ejemplo, ser asesinado mientras forrajeaba, en los establos, mientras afk, en un punto de reaparición cerca de un vórtice.

Si, a pesar de su etiqueta, desea evitar el combate, puede esperar a que se produzca la detención, esconderse, utilizar un TP, cambiar de lugar o región, etc.

b) Zona JcJ

El jugador que entra en una zona JcJ acepta las consecuencias, cualesquiera que sean las circunstancias. Sin embargo, como excepción específica, los asesinatos en puntos de reproducción cerca de vórtices están prohibidos y se pueden castigar si se prueban. Si estás etiquetado para la Zona JcJ y eres víctima de una muerte en una reaparición de vórtice, puedes contactarnos a través de una de las formas descritas anteriormente. En este caso, se recomienda encarecidamente que añada una captura de pantalla para apoyar su reclamo (asegúrese de que la ventana INFO SISTEMA esté visible en la captura).

Normas sobre puestos avanzados (PA)

a) Por regla general, los CSR no estarán presente en las batallas de puestos avanzados. Sin embargo, si observa una violación de las normas de decencia y comportamiento, puede ponerse en contacto inmediatamente con el equipo de soporte.

b) Si te has quedado atascado en el paisaje de una región donde está teniendo lugar una batalla de puestos avanzados, primero intenta teletransportación Si no tienes éxito, debe ponerse en contacto con el servicio de atención al cliente, describiendo su situación. Una CSR le ayudará a liberarse.

c) Todo lo que cae dentro de la mecánica normal del juego está permitido en las zonas de combate, siempre que todos los involucrados estén etiquetados para JcJ.

1 - Un Mektoub de carga puede morir. Al traerlo a una zona de combate, lo estás exponiendo a riesgos.

2 - Acampar es casi imposible debido a la zona de seguridad alrededor de los puntos de reaparición, y por lo tanto está permitido. Si mueres y tus enemigos están cerca de tu punto de reaparición, tendrás que esperar a la regeneración en la zona segura o elegir otro punto de reaparición / pacto de teletransportación para volver a la batalla.

3 - Durante las batallas de puestos avanzados, el uso de arrastrar bestias y matando a Yelks cerca de la pelea es válido y lo permite la estrategia del juego.

d) Bloqueo de puestos avanzados

Declarar la guerra a su propio PA o al de uno de sus aliados, o hacer que sus aliados declaren la guerra a su PA con el fin de evitar que alguien más le declare la guerra, se considera una hazaña y está prohibido.
Se permite la transferencia de la propiedad de un PA de un gremio a otro. Por lo tanto, está prohibido elevar el umbral, al igual que la entrega del PA varias veces seguidas, lo que se considera un bloqueo del PA.

e) Declaraciones falsas repetidas

Declaraciones falsas de guerra repetidas, es decir, si no están seguidas por un ataque real del gremio o sus aliados o con muy pocos combatientes para ser capaces de superar solo a los PNJs, son considerados acoso.

Si usted cree que su gremio podría ser acusado de este delito, tome una captura de pantalla con la ofensa, haga una captura de pantalla que muestre a todos los jugadores presentes en el puesto de avanzada durante el ataque para mostrarla al equipo de Soporte de ser necesario.

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que esta regla no aplica en contra-ataques (ataques lanzados para contrarrestar un ataque a un puesto de avanzada).

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IV. Inappropriate Advertising

IV.1. Gold selling (Critical Offence)

Gold sellers have nothing to do with the game and its environment. Thus, they are strictly forbidden. The guilty player will immediately be kicked and banned.

IV.2. Advertising of a product or a website unrelated to Ryzom (Major/Minor Offence: depending on the type of advertising, the Support team will examine all cases individually.)

Advertising for websites not related to Ryzom and its environment is prohibited. The guilty player will immediately be made mute and sanctioned as appropriate.
The support team will review each violation and decide on the sanction depending on the nature of the advertisement published.

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V. General Fraud

V.1. Impersonating a member of a Ryzom Team or Winch Gate (Major Offence)

It is strictly forbidden to pretend to be a member of the game teams or Winch Gate, whether in-game, on the forum of Ryzom, on IRC, Rocket Chat or elsewhere on the web.

V.2. Attempting to deceive a Ryzom Team member (Major Offence if the player gets a benefit)

Attempting to deceive a member of the Ryzom Team, either in order to retrieve items already won (e. g.: event reward, mission item, Boss' loot, Marauder Boss’ piece or plan...), or for any other purpose is strictly forbidden. Any player convicted of this transgression will be punished in accordance with paragraph B. Warnings and sanctions.

V.3. Impersonating another player (Minor Offence)

It is forbidden to impersonate another player in any way (including pretending to be his reroll or alt and speaking on his behalf).

V.3. Claiming a special relationship with a member of a Ryzom Team (Minor Offence)

It is strictly forbidden to pretend to have a privileged relationship with a member of the Ryzom team (including a member of Support), whether to harm him/her, to make oneself look good to other players, to try to influence them, or for some other reason.
The members of the Ryzom teams are subject to a non-disclosure clause and therefore their identities (personal and player) are preserved. In addition, each member follows an internal code of conduct that prohibits them from favouring one player over another.

NB: If such a relationship proves to be true, the player and the CSR (or member of another Ryzom team) would be subject to the sanctions provided by their respective codes of conduct.

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