#61 [en] 

More or less, these changes will punish the guilds that actively seek members. Or you get punished for becoming a kami.

Not exactly. Or rather, you do see the immediate effect correctly, but not the long-term effect. Think of it like Robin Hood: is it the same robbing a landlord, or a peasant?

Most economic systems where competition is scarce tend to evolve toward a monopoly. The dominant party not only squashes competition, but it can also afford to buy out fledgling businesses that pose a threat. It goes as far as to create a feedback loop, if a tipping point is reached. This is the exact mechanism we have seen in Ryzom for the past 5 years at least (or more, if you count pre-merger where kara was a dominant party, through exactly the same mechanics).

The issue with OPs as they stand now, is that resource allocation favors a big, monolithic side badly. At supernodes a small and dedicated team may do a suicide mission and still dig some materials; I've witnessed a party of 10 marauders outsmarting a group at least twice its size, and not only once. At OPs, this is literally impossible, even if a group somehow wins phase 1: they get wiped in phase 2.

The way I see this change, it would encourage pruning away the deadwood from all parties in the game. Of course the larger faction is bound to have more rot (e.g. dead guilds owning OPs, or 1-man guilds owning q250 ones); therefore the change will be perceived to affect them more "unjustly". But overall, and once the dust settles, I believe the real effect is an invigoration of a system where people actually have to fight for the things they own.

Consider that kami started its winning wave on the back of the Asylum guild, starting the feedback loop. Consider that the monopoly of kamis was almost broken through the efforts of a small but very resolute guild, Syndicate (except they kept losing phase 2, and they got burned out after a while)

Even with the new system, it will be always possible to build a good guild and sweep through Atys in the blink of an eye. A faction is always going to be useful, to have your back. What changes is that, at the first sign of weakness, the Robin Hoods of the world will attack and win back some of your resources.

As it should be.


My home is always sweet Yrkanis..

#62 [de] 

Now it is certainly not new to you that Robin Hood is a mythical figure whose existence is not proven. The robber bands and pirate groups I know from my country were at times even popular and supported by parts of the population but they all ended at the executioner

Companies like Microsoft / Google etc. certainly cause problems and sometimes they also get a penalty, but no one should do artificial trimmings from the outside to achieve a shift in market share.

I witnessed the dominance of the Karavan and now it's the Kamis.

Comparing Supernodes to OP Fight is not a good example, I think.

Yes, there is currently at least one almost inactive guild owning an Outpost. This guild had 2 outposts and one of them was captured in a sneak attack by Maras and no Kami knew about it when it happened. So there are already ways to take over the outposts of inactive guilds. Of course a handover within the faction is another possibility.

The current system does not put 1 woman guilds at a disadvantage. No staff are required to own an outpost. Yes maybe something to be changed . But I believe the number of members in a guild should not be the criterion, but the number of active members in a guild. (automatic API system?)
I know a guild that has over 230 members in its list because it never kicks. Of these, however, 220 are certainly inactive, or even more. As long as a 1-man guild is supported by the guilds associated by religion, there is nothing to blame for the current state of affairs.

And if you're talking about economies here. Before discussing extreme changes to break Kami dominance here, you should introduce an economic system in which the dapper really means something. Or this silly way, New Horizon agents send us on partly unsuccessful journeys to get rid of the products.

And as you yourself have so rightly noticed, the guild Syndicate caused the Kami dominance to falter. So it's not impossible.

But it is not okay now to bring about changes to the status quo with artificial measures of external action. As I noted in my post, the problem is not because of the grown power of the Kamis, but because of the obvious inability of the Karavan guilds to organize and expand.

Yesterday I received the notice that one of the Karavan guilds on Atys, has 20 masters in their ranks. Crafting master, or magic and melee master? Well, I don't remember seeing more than five or six members on the battlefields from this guild. Often rather less so.

I cannot claim that the Kami Guilds can regularly lead all their members into battle, but there are almost always all the guilds involved, with some of their members . With the Karavan, this fluctuates a lot.

I like to say it again. It is a homemade problem of Karavan guilds that they cannot face the Kami guilds on an equal footing. It is then, of course, not surprising that at times, one hand extended to the greeting and the other with the knife behind the back, they turn to Marauder, who are supposed to turn the tide. (Not to mention these mercenary rangers)

As I said, I welcome changes, such as shortening fight times. But I warn against excessive measures that one side prefers. This could be one more reason that could cause some paying players to leave the game.

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#63 [fr] 

Trixelis, you are forgetting one important thing. Outpost are mean to be guild owned and guild gameplay not faction ( because of the actual system this is not the case right now ).

About "excessive measures that one side prefers" (quoting you here), to me it sounds more like the kamis side doesn't want any change cause the actual system is in their favor.

Yes, it's possible to do sneak attack to get OP owned by ghost guild, but those guild should not be able to get one OP anyway... so anything fixing/preventing this situation is welcome (automatic attack my NPC is a good solution to it).

The removal of phase 2 is a very good thing (why? simply because this phase allow people to not come at phase 1 and still keep their op).
Reducing the attacks cost + randomness of rewards + NPC attacks will help the owners rotation (yes, it will cost less to attack so their will be more attacks ... simple as that).

I have good hopes that after the ops refactoring, the RT will think about making them attractive. (and right now the OPs are useless and people are rage-quitting the game or winning when loosing one)

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#64 [en] 

We should think about some basic atys rules i guess.

1. Do something, and you'll get something.
2. Do something better, and you'll get something better.
3. Be the best, and you'll get the best.
4. Be what you want to be.

In order of playing in a sandbox, i can't understand complainings, that manifests a special right of "having something". Everyone is able to have "something". Maybe this causes jealous thoughts by those, that "want something special" with no efforts.

Having "something better" is linked to some efforts, but efforts are'nt a "must have" for everyone.

So everyone in this discussion, that will say "the sand in our sandbox does'nt act in a natural way" while the thought behind is "I'd like to have a special right on this sand." is wrong.

In my opinion the changes in OP wars will cause a more natural way of conflict. With simple rules. And fair for those that will choose the way of "conflict". Comparing to the actual rules, with the new OP system everyone could have "something better", but not a special right, to "have something better".

And so, if we think about making "something" valuable, this is linked with the maximum efforts, to get "something". And not linked with an economy that can generate "any amount of something".

#65 [de] 

Sinvaders, you are forgetting one important thing. There is a reason why we have factions. In times of cold war the NATO was supposed to defend Germany,( or Danmark/Norway, whatever ) and not just the national armys.

Once more again for you. It is not the system that favors us, it is the homemade weakness of Karavan. If they would be strong enough to hold 50% of the Outposts, nobody would discuss changes.

An inavtive guild of course is not able to win an outpost. An
inactive Guild with outpost right now will lose it over time, by attack or handover.

No after reading the statement of another player at another topic, Im not that sure anymore that removing of Phase 2 is a good idea, because of timezone. People should have the chance to hold an outpost, when they are awake/not at work

#66 [en] 

Trilexis -- I played a kami character before this one. I am well aware of the history of the faction post-merger, its internal politics and all.

Regarding kami/kara tactics: I agree to a certain extent that kami had (slightly) better leadership. But then again, marauders had their own excellent leaders post-merge, at some point requiring kami+kara alliances against them. So your explanation, while highlighting a part of the issue on one side, conveniently forgets that kami did not end up rich just because its enemies were stupid.

The plain truth is that current OP mechanics discourage frequent attacks. They're a huge time sink and a money sink. More importantly, they favor player headcount heavily, wasting incredible amounts of man-hours. The end result is what we know it: a number of bitter months where the factions struggle, followed by the emergence of a winner. And then? A plateau. The news "there's a war coming" varies from "oh gods, not again" (when they're frequent) to "yay, something happening" (when no war was fought in months). This is especially true for lower-level homins, assigned to heal duty and who don't care much for the outpost materials yet: for most that I talked to, wars were like a chore, rather than a fun/useful thing they wanted to do.

The changes proposed here make it harder for one faction to plateau. If you remove the time-sink element of wars, it makes them more palatable, even if frequency increases. What would take four hours of your life, now takes one. Removing of the defense round makes it actually important to show up to a defense.

I hear you regarding the potentially bad side effects, but again -- think over a longer timeline. People grumble at any change. To my mind, the only real risk to to shift the game meta too much towards a PVP approach. If wars do become too frequent, then some old-timers are going to feel that the game is not the right one for them. But if the balance is right, then the only effect is that OPs are revitalized, with both old and *new* players joining the wars.

(oh, and regarding guards: I also hear you. I heavily disliked the series of attacks done by The Outsiders on q50 outposts, for example. But that issue can be fixed separately, by buffing guards as appropriate. One shouldn't avoid the OP rework just because it illustrates further issues downstream)


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#67 [en] 

Yesterday I received the notice that one of the Karavan guilds on Atys, has 20 masters in their ranks. Crafting master, or magic and melee master? Well, I don't remember seeing more than five or six members on the battlefields from this guild. Often rather less so.

I cannot claim that the Kami Guilds can regularly lead all their members into battle, but there are almost always all the guilds involved, with some of their members . With the Karavan, this fluctuates a lot.
No after reading the statement of another player at another topic, Im not that sure anymore that removing of Phase 2 is a good idea, because of timezone. People should have the chance to hold an outpost, when they are awake/not at work.

People should also have a chance to get Outposts when they are awake/not at work, which might also be one of the main causes why you see so few players of certain guilds: Yeah sure they can attack first round at their time, but second phase will be when they are at work or sleeping, so no sense in even trying to anymore.

I think the shift by removing Phase 2 won't be in favor of any timezone. But i think that it will be a shift of always being able to defend an outpost, no matter timezone, to always being able to take an outpost, no matter timezone. This does favor none of the groups, it just makes the attacks more probable to be won. and i don't think that's a bad thing, since the goal is to make OPs more dynamic, and making more attacks likely to win will do that.


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Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (December 3rd, 2018)

Date: monday, December 3rd, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Status of projects (by Ulukyn):
    • OP refactoring
    • Guild Islands
    • Jena Year 2601 Patch

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Ryzom Team Manager
(FR / EN / ES)

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Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report - December 3rd, 2018

The Public Roadmap

Tamarea - 20:39 UTC
It has been completely redone, still in the same place: go to the offside WebIG, and click on the "Roadmap" icon. Everything we are working on is in it, with the degree of progress. I let you look at and give me feedback, either here, or in response to the meeting report on the forum, or on RC.

OP refactoring

Ulukyn - 20:46 UTC
Quick for the moment because as you can see, we have set up a poll to find out what changes might be of interest to the majority. It appears that for the modification of the price of attacks, it is very mixed. So, for the moment, we will do nothing, obviously, the modifications can come later, nothing is fixed. For the rest, the vast majority agree with the proposals. For questions about how each element will be implemented, the team will think about it and will share the proposals with you. We will take into account the comments that have been given and that may be added in the coming days.

Q : Where is the poll?
A :

Guild Islands

Ulukyn - 20:55 UTC
The islands are being tested. I would like to quickly remind you of the principle: The guild leader will be able to choose from 5 islands in all ecosystems. There are no restrictions in the ecosystem of its choice except that each continent gives access only to one ecosystem. Thus a fyros guild could very well have a guild island in the lakes, but access to the island will be close to FH. Once the island is chosen, the leader can go there and appears on an island, the guild window will offer a new tab allowing the chef to choose the entrance for his guild members but also the entrance for visitors. The interface will also allow you to add scenery via the scenographic editor and a special guild bag will appear. The special guild bag will allow you to populate creatures, service pnjs, buildings, etc... It will be possible to win or get new elements to populate.

Q : You were talking about a Fyros guild what own an Island with Lakes eco, what about if you choose PR one? Since there is not capital in PR?
A : Ultimately for the Rewards ecosystem it will be in the Nexus near the capital Marauder. But for the moment, on an exceptional basis, access will be outside the marauding camp. Ryzom being dynamic, it is not impossible that other accesses may be discovered later;)

Q : Will Guild Points be useful for Guild Islands?
A : We are still in the process of improving the Guild Points, in order to have more activities that give them. So yes, the goal is that the guild points are used in the guild islands to buy decorations, for example, or a yubo farm or a statue of Ulukyn (although... I can maybe offer it as a gift to all the homines... :p)

Q : Will be possible to increase the guild inventory capacity with the Guild Island?
A : Haha, not bad question:) We are thinking of making specialized warehouse buildings. Like a mps warehouse, an armory etc... buildings that would make it possible to increase storage. We don't know exactly how GH extensions will work yet. It is difficult to say if it will be possible to make cupboards to store the heavy boosts.

Q : Kaissia won a Supreme Token at the wheel. Will this give special thing for Guild Island?
A : The supreme tokens give the best rewards of the previous Jena's year. But for now, nothing to add at the island level, but it will come.

Q : Boss to fight in Guild Island?
A : For the bosses to fight in the guild islands it came a little by chance by testing. We made a boss out of pop and we thought it might be nice to make bosses win to do pop on his islands. It's quite simple, at the wheel or in another event, a player wins a special item. The latter will then be able to gather the guild and make it pop on his island. Bosses to be made in guild can then either serve as training or presentation to new players since they will not give mps (but xp). It's mostly like the old Ring, I remember lot of maps have animal bosses, nice to discover some of them, killing NPC is not planned.

The Jena Year Patch

Ulukyn - 21:44 UTC
As announced we have decided to make a patch every new year of Jena. That is, every two and a half months or so. As you all know, Jean's New Year's Eve has already passed and... there was no patch. We're going to be honest, anlor + atysmas + jena patch it was a lot of work in a row. So the patch is still planned, but... we'll do our best to get some pretty good patches. Some of the additions could be done at the same time as the Atysmas patch and the rest just after. In the content of the Jena Year patch there are new plushes, new hairstyles, a new zig, Xl tokens and gift outfits, among others. A new boss, the guilds islands and boss to fight in the guilds islands. As well as expected changes such as patching Ranger gameplay.

Other questions

Q : Is it possible to remove TP from the inventory bag and to put it on an icon like for cats? An example, for Kamists a stone to sychronize with Kamis and for Karas a modified unit? (21:20 UTC)
A : For the moment, nothing is planned. But it's true that the long list of TPs in the bag is quite difficult. I sometimes have devs ryzomcore who want to help, that would make a nice addition. Without modifying the whole system but having for example a tp booklet and a sorting of tps with the names of the regions would probably be more fun. I can't answer for the team:) So for the ideas there is the forum and it allows not to take too much time in meetings: p

Q : What is Zig? (21:58 UTC)
A : These are small pets that follow you like mektoubs and can be won at the Fortunate Gubani wheel (although they are rare)

#70 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (December 17th, 2018)

Date: monday, December 17th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Ryzom Team:
    • Team infos
    • Recruitement
  • Ryzom Projects:
    • Project infos

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Ryzom Team Manager
(FR / EN / ES)

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Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting report - December 17th, 2018

Change in Ryzom team

Tamarea, 20:39 UTC
Let's start with the news from the Ryzom team. My two main roles are to manage the Ryzom team and its projects, as well as to ensure external communication and communication with the players. But for that to happen, it takes time. A lot of time. This means that I must be assisted at maximum by assistants in each team in order to be able to free up time and focus on these two roles. This is resulting in the following changes:
  • Tykus becomes my assistant on the management side of the Ryzom team. Tykus replaces me as "Support Head"
  • Jayvaraman becomes my Marketing Assistant
  • Arionasis assists me with Communication.

Q : Ooops! Yes! Are we still allowed to throw pickaxes on Tykus?
A : He knows how to send them back. ;)

News from the Communication/Marketing team (NDA + RF)

Tamarea, 20:45 UTC
  • Creation of flyers to visually communicate on future additions (in addition to the detailed text version), to be published on the forum, websites, social networks...
  • Ongoing brainstorming to improve communication (mainly with players and inside team)

  • Bubbason (RF) has joined the team.
  • Brainstoming in progress to write a marketing plan.
  • Development of the new website in progress.

Q : Who is creating the flyers?
A : The first one has just been made by Ulukyn. He implemented his idea, it was easier and faster than explaining it. Afterwards, others can do them.

Lore team news

Tamarea, 20:56 UTC
Big applause for Azazor's work and publication about the Fyros tribes. He is not part of the Lore team, but his work is Lore validated and therefore becomes an official document. And thanks you to Siela for hosting all his texts!
I hope they will all be published on the Ryzom Wiki!

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh, 21:07 UTC
Since the last time, I mainly work on categorization of the wikis, so that it fits to various users. Users as well as developers, animators, expect to easily find their documentary spaces, while at the other extreme the players of each language group have their interests that do not necessarily converge. In between, it is worthwhile that game guides and tips are comparable and easily accessible.

The idea is to create four roots:
  • Encyclopatys for all
  • Wikipatys, the toolbox of our wikis
  • Forge
  • Lore

Encyclopatys presents branches which match the various common interests of the game, as "How to craft?", "Who are the Fyros?", etc. These first branches are the guides for the 5 linguistic wikis, but the small branches and the leaves are the free story of each one. I wrote down this plan which will be achieved in a week or so (my hope). I'm done, and a big thank to Nilstilar

Q : On wiki, we can't upload pictures any. When will the issue be resolved?
A : Uploading to Ryzom Commons is working!

Event Launchers

Tamarea, 21:33 UTC
I would now like to introduce you to a new team about to be created: the "Event Launchers" team.

Observation: we currently have a problem: we have scripted OOC events (mini-boss and invasions), a tool to launch them simply (needs only to select and click) but... nobody or almost nobody is therer to launch them.
Reason: it is not the role of the actors to launch scripted OOC events, nor the one of the Arkitects who created these events.
Result: too few scripted OOC events are launched.
Solution: creation of a team (NDA + RF) whose role will be to launch these events: the "Event Launchers" team.

Q : What privileges?
A : Event Launchers will be able to run scripts on Atys, but without being able to read them or read other "Atys" scripts.

Q : How to launch these events?
A : There is a dedicated tool, very easy to use. There's only need to stay in the game until the mobs spawn.

Q : When to launch these events and which ones?
A : There will be a schedule to follow.

Q : Who can apply?
A : All members of the Ryzom team (NDA or RF). We will start with the NDAs, while we check that the access and privileges are adequate, but anyone can apply now to Tamarea

Q : NDA is Ryzom Team?
A : The Ryzom team is composed of members under NDA and members who are not under NDA. These are commonly referred to as "Ryzom Forge". NDA = Non-disclosure agreement

Q : What makes the difference? Do NDA teamers have more privileges?
A : All those who help to improve and develop the game are part of the Ryzom team. They work together on a daily basis, without differentiation, on an equal footing. The only difference is in access: a player who is not under NDA cannot, for example, access the primitives (he must sign an NDA for that). Some teams are entirely under NDA: Support, Animation, Lore. All the others are mixed. This allows players who wish to come and help easily within a team or project.

Q : A whole team to just click a button for some Event that already exist... Sounds like a minor task to dedicate to a special team, doesn't it ?
A : From that point of view, yes. But in practice, almost each of us is part of several teams and our time is more than limited. Having dedicated people will therefore be of great help, even if this help is to be casual. The question is a good way for me to make the transition to the next topic: Recruitment.


Tamarea, 21:53 UTC
This week, I would like to highlight the following three teams: Ark, Event and Event Launchers. We pay very well in virtual cookies and coffee! In fact, our best reward is the smiles of the players. It's for them that we're all here! :) The common point between all those of the Ryzom team is that they love this game and have chosen to give a little of their time for it and its community. Some have a lot of time to devote to it, others have very little time, but it doesn't matter. Because all together, step by step, we are making progress. A number of new features and improvements are in progress. But we still have bottlenecks: teams in insufficient supply. And that's where we need recruits.
  • Ark team (optional NDA): to work on Ark, the tool which allows creation of game content (Pocket Worlds, but also missions, rites, bosses, scripted events, etc.)
  • Event Launcher (optional NDA): (see above for explanations)
  • Event team (mandatory NDA): to play as an actor during roleplay events

If any of you would like to apply or simply get more information, please write to Tamarea at

Ryzom Projects Infos

Tamarea, 22:13 UTC
Reminder: you can see Roadmap and Calendar on WebIG main page. There is an icon to display the roadmap. I advise you to do it out of game for a better rendering.

Some dates:
  • Dec 20th: Atysmas patch
  • Dec 21st - Jan 6th: Atysmas events
  • Jan 6th: First RP event of 2019

In test / Soon in test:
  • Atysmas events
  • New boss (Yubokin)
  • Guild Islands (step 1)
  • Ranger Gameplay balance
  • Excellent tokens
  • Dynamic Events

Part of Jena's year 2601 patch should have taken place on December 20th, at the same time as Atymas patch, but the time frame will be too short to finish everything and test it correctly, so we prefer to wait until January for the "Jena's year 2601 patch"

Q : Will there be Atymas killeable Trees as part of Atymas events?
A : We will not hand over the Trees this year. They will come back next year. ;)

Q : Do you have any clue why Yule pants are broken and if they will be winnable?
A : We have to partially redesign it, especially the reward part, and the time frame will be too short for that.

Q : Will Yubokin last only during Atymas or will it be added to the game permanetly? Would it have a different looking or is it just a giant Yubo?
A : Yubokin will be a permanent boss on Silan. It will have a boss texture.

Q : What is wrong about Atymas Tree rewards, if you may elaborate on that point?
A : Since we created the new Wheel, all "durable" lots go through it. OOC events allow you to win consumables and/or tokens from this Wheel. The prizes that were previously found in loots are now winnable at the Wheel, as well as new prizes.

Q : What about the Yubohoo? He won't spawn this year either??
A : There will be an announcement listing the events of Atysmas 2018. There should be something for everyone to enjoy.

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Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (January 21st, 2019)

Date: monday, January 21st, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Ryzom Team
    • Recruitement
    • Team infos
  • Ryzom Projects:
    • Content of next patch (JA 2602)

Ryzom Forge meeting report - January 21st, 2019

Ryzom news and recruitments

Tamarea (RT) - 19:35 UTC
Welcome to Drecyan, new recruit of the FR Event team, to Zeligmane, back in the same team and to Waum back in the FR Support team!
Now we would have to do the same on the English, German and Spanish sides and that would be perfect.
We also recruit volunteers to join Graphics team (3D and/or 2D), Development team and ARK team. If interested, please send an email to

Q: On the last meeting, you called for volunteers to form a team of scripted OOC Events Launchers. Did you get any answers?
Few answers so far. I hope to receive some more.

Q: In order for candidates to determine if their level of expertise in 2D and 3D imaging will allow them to be useful, could we have an approximate idea of the objectives of the Graphics team?
There are some for all levels: redesign the icons in a better resolution (for improvement of the user interface – see below), create new icons, apartment ornaments, pop-up objects, equipments, buildings… But also create flyers to announce a patch, illustrate a publication, help on the web site…

Marketing plan

Tamarea (RT) - 19:42 UTC
Ryzom's marketing action plan for 2019 has been completed and has been used as a basis for preparing the general planning for the year for the entire Ryzom team. This general planning sequences 2019 in Jena years (aka "JA"). Each JA, we will work on several categories of tasks, the main ones being as follows:
  • Ingame content – New content, improvements, fixes of bugs explloitable or not, events, rewards.
  • Places – New website, Ryzom wikis, Forum, Steam Ryzom page, AppStore, Social networks.
  • Communication – Promotion of JY patches and events, press releases, improvement of keywords research / SEO*, presence on websites and forums…
  • Volunteers – Recruitment and training.
* SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : "process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results" (dixit Wikipedia).

Miscallenous informations

Tamarea (RT) & Tykus(RT) - 19:52 UTC
  • A Saga storyline is in preparation which will be used at events played regularly in 2019. (We have more Events team members this year, enough to restart roleplay events on a regular basis.)
  • Fix of the issue which blocks the sending of some responses to tickets since several weeks or even months. (If you have sent a ticket to and are still waiting for an answer, please contact us again.)
  • Fix of an API bug.
  • Mini-patch applied on Atys, to fix the bug of reconnection in Fyros territory when the character was disconnected in an apartment, a Guild Hall or under the Scenographic Editor.
  • The fix of the K/K Oflovak mission bug (validation failure) is being tested on Atys since the bug does not exist on Yubo (testing server).
  • Fix of Aen respawn after a bug of hers.
  • Statue of Ashuleila: it was finally erected, but unfortunately, it did not withstand a heavy storm that occurred last night. And our schedule doesn't allow us to build it again... So we will discuss this again in 2050.

Q: Any idea of the date of resolution of the inventory bug (the filter by clicking on "?" is now ineffective) and of the objects-grouping one (the displayed list of equipped objects is faulty)?
We are actively working on this and should soon be successful. As mentioned above, the bug that prevented replies to tickets from being sent is now fixed and we are taking this opportunity to improve their tracking (e.g. acknowledgement of receipt giving the number of the ticket). However, it is still recommended that players issuing tickets always use the same email address while exchanging with the team about the same ticket.

Q: Could I join the 3D team to help rebuild the statue of my leader, the divine Ashuleila, goddess of Atys and mother of the Homins?
So uh... the door is wide open to join the 3D team (and the needs are big!) Cookies and virtual drinks offered! As for the famous statue, it is planned for 2050 so we will have to work on something else in the meantime…

Q: Can we expect a little bit of kitins to surge from Prime Roots?
Kitin invaders should not be unknown to anyone in 2019... far from it!

Q: Some tips about the future Saga?
Spoil forbidden! Just a little more patience, it is coming!

Content of the next patch (JA 2602)

Tamarea (RT) - 20:48 UTC
You can follow the progress of what is scheduled for the next patch into the roadmap, accessible via, "Roadmap" button.
Direct links to the roadmap by language: German (missing translation to come soon), English, Spanish (missing translation to come soon), French.
The patch is scheduled for February 1st.
New content
  • Powo Creator: Guild Islands (step 1) – Choose your guild island from five, add a scenery, NPCs and customize it! Friends and guests admitted! Have a good time!
  • New Boss on Silan – Yubokin Boss will appear on Silan. So cute!!!!!!!! But it's a Boss… How are you going to react?
  • Excellent tokens – Did you dream of them? They're coming! Thanks to them, you will have access to better rewards… And you will also have a better chance of winning the new Gubani mount!
  • Wheel Rewards – A new companion (zig), new wigs for all races, refugee clothes of different colors, colorful underwear… Which ones will you get?
Maintenance & improvements
  • Ultimate balancing of the Ranger gameplay: addition of resurrection points to the Paths of 250-regions and Prime Roots regions, capitals' Paths moved closer to a K teleporter and Wastelands' Path moved toward Midway Point.
  • Improvement of the user interface: this is only a first step because there is a lot to do. But we'll go on!
  • Improvement of the WebIG browser.
  • Marauder gameplay: new recharging shop for teleporting crystals and new color of these ones so that not to confuse them with sap crystals.
  • Abolition of neutral status in the combat zone of outpost battles.
  • Fix of a bug of campfires (since this is an explotable one, I won't say more).
  • Automation of skill titles. You will no longer have to contact us to ask for them!

21:07 UTC: Tamarea closes the meeting.

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Multilingual | Français | [English]

Ryzom Forge meeting report – February 4th, 2019

Patch JA 2602 (Tykus)

The planned patch has been delayed due to the test server. It was postponed by a week.

Redesign of range weapons (Tykus)

The redesign of the range will go into public test mode at the end of the week. We need volunteers to carry out these tests, especially in PVP. For those who are interested in participating in the tests and who do not yet have access to the test server, contact Tamarea.

Q: Will there be a scheduled time, to get the most people around at once?
R: We will try to organize in session (several are possible depending on availability), otherwise the tests will not be done in good conditions.

Q: Can beginners participate? Will that be relevant?
R: Beginners will also be welcome.

Q: How will we know for the schedule?
R: I will propose schedules in the test channel.

To participate to tests on the test server, please contact Tamarea by DM on Rocket-chat.

PVP 2.0 (Tykus)

An idea for revising the pvp is currently being studied in the GameDesign team, we are trying to make it a little more dynamic, you will have more news in the coming weeks .

Q: Can you expand more?
R: All I can tell you is that it will remain consensual, but the changes will lead players to want to practice it…

Recruitment (Tykus)

We are looking for volunteers for the GFX team, in 2D and 3D, if you have the skills and some time, contact Tamarea.
We are also looking for CSRs in EN and FR.

For recruitment, please send an email to

Miscellanous questions

Q: How fares the marketing plan and all that sort of things?
R: External communications have started, we just need some content to communicate on, but it's on the right way.

Q: How goes work on the new inventory search?
R: It’s in progress.

Q: Is something planed about economy?
R: Not for the moment, but make a proposal on the forum, if you have an idea.

Q: Any news about Ashuleila's statue?
R: The banded statue?
R: 2080.

End of meeting

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Multilingual | [English] | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (March 4th, 2019)

Date: monday, march 4th, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.

  • New servers
  • Range weapons refactoring
  • PVP 2.0
  • Feedback for guild island
  • Recruitement

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Multilingual | Français | [English]

Ryzom Forge meeting report – March 4th, 2019

New servers (Tykus)

We decided to change [the servers] (staying at OVH) for cheaper and much more efficient servers, which should considerably improve game performances. It's always ssd stuff.
We also acquired a 2nd test server (named Gingo) which [...] will be a mirror of Atys, which will allow us to manage any bugs as closely as possible.
Finally, the billing server will also be replaced.
All these changes have been validated by Winch Gate and are already underway.

Q: Will recurent billing be impacted?
R: No, the billing datas will be moved on the new server.

Q: Support level (OVH one) will remain the same?
R: Yes, the same level of support as before.

Range weapons refactoring (Tykus)

The shooting tests are entering the 2nd week of testing, we will carry out team tests, for this you need a significant number of players present at each session. We need shooters but also tanks and mages (off and heal). The more numerous we will be, the more effective the tests will be and the closer to reality.

To join the tests (everybody’s welcome even newbies):
  • Report your availability in channel #t-test, if you already have an access to the test server
  • If not, contact Tamarea as soon as possible on Rocket-chat or by email to

Q: Refactoring? Rebalance or a complete re-creation ?
R: Rebalance + minor changes.

Q: Will it impact current lvl of players?
R: No, lvl won't change, only receipes will slightly change and the range weapon strategy.

Q: Will the mass of ammo change?
R: Yes, and the space taken too.

PVP 2.0 (Tykus)

The first things we will modify/add will be:
- the gain of PVP points in PVP primes roots ;
- the addition of "Resurrection NPCs" in the arenas (which will allow you to resurrect directly in the arena when you die there. From a PR point of view, they will be healers (resuscitators).
These two amendments are part of a broader plan to reform/refresh the PVP.
The whole plan will be implemented over the next few months, in various small patches and not during a large one, […] allowing us to better manage any remaining bugs.

Q: New PVP area?
R: Not for the moment, we'll make the one we have more interesting.

Guild Island feedback (Tykus)

The guilds islands have been implemented with the latest patch. What do you think about them? What improvements would you like to have in the future? Do you encounter technical problems?

Different questions about the Scenographic Editor.
[...]I think a post on the forum would be the best (with a link on wiki tutorial).

Topic for guild island:

Recruitment (Tykus)

We're always looking after Graphics (2D and/or 3D) and some CSR's all language.If you're interested, please contact Tamarea by email to

Others questions (Tykus)

Q: Would we have saddle for Gubanis? Cause their back are quite unconfortable.
R: Good question, I asked the same one to Ulu, I will ask him once again.

Q: When is the Bugged Ranger PvP flagged tp going to be fixed?
R: Soon.

End of meeting


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