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Today we were approachedand invited by the akenos and senators of the Pyr Empire to discuss at their official assembly about the kitinthreat to our cities, agreeing that Zora was the next likely target, they oofered millitary cooperation in view of their recent atttack.

The first drafts of the aggreement considered the exchange of seasoned kitin fyros guards for our rough jungle trained guards, however the negotiations and ideas about it proved to be futile and instead, in view of impending attacks and our rather minimal time of response, decided as awakened in charge of the defense of the witherings to prepeare convoys between pyr and zora consisting in materials for zoraï electric maces and electric rifles in exchange for burning axes and burning grenade launchers, as well as drill trainers from both sides to train troops.

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Apart of the agreement I suggested myself as master Axe and Mace trainer to help in the crafting and training of fyros and zoraï troops having knowledge in how to craft and use the afore mentioned weapons. and thisn being proppery voted by the awakened Feylin, Fitis and the honoured Zhoi.

according to their counts and the arrangement made with the fyros half our guards will be handed lfyros launchers and axes. 56 regular guards have been counted guarding Zora, of which 28 will receive fyros weapons, 14 launchers and 14 axes.

keeping in mind that we have to supply the materials fast, i proposed myself to collect most materials as well as using my masteries as a zoraï master Mace and fyros master axe crafter to help speed the process, and if any zoraï wishes to help will be most welcomed (sadly my desert foraging is as bad as najabs being herbivores)

in view of an imminent attack we hope for a quick response.

sincerely yours

The awakened ones of the witherings

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As Shizu in charge of Min-Cho and thus as in charge of the defense of the Cities of Intuition we will take any action we deem necessary to defend and fulfill our duty, while we ask permission from the Guild of Cho to arm defenses in Zora itself, we DO NOT think as those being required to arm and deploy the rest of the defense duties assigned to us by our circles.

Thus we feel we can exchange soldiers and units with the empire without permissions of any kind from the theocracy if we so chose it (or to make any kind of military arrangements regarding ANY defense on the areas subject to our care)

we know this may be frowned upon by the theocracy, but we min-cho people while respecting the theocracy, like to act swift and effectively upon threats.

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I would guess that Shuzi is some sort of Zorai title and if you are in charge of Min-Cho it would suggest, in charge of also military matters. If this is the case I would argue that because you are Shuzi as granted BY the Theocracy you can rightfully act (in the best interest of the Theocracy which you represent) and your actions would at least in part be, within your powers and duties as a servant of the Zorai peoples.

Time is short, the Fyros nation will lend support quickly, I cannot see why increasing armaments would pose too much issue, surely, if it is voted against later, the weapons do not have to be used and the Fyros can simply use them ourselves ;)

(Almost) Empire Guardian
(Former) (Almost) Guardian of the Theocracy


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(ooc to begin with : shizu is the zorai word for guild)

A complementary note was added to the open letter

Chan Ce-Jian zhan-kya*,

On the occasion fo the Zora-guard census, we noticed with scare that one of the gates, the one leading to the Haven of Purity, was left without guards.

The touristic guide here confirmed this was lasting since a long time, and she's frightenend at the idea of being on the front line. She doubt to have the time to retreat behind the safety of the guards of the Kami garden from the Daïsha district.

This situation shall be fixed as soon as possible, as a kitin invasion is expected.

Ochi Kami no

Fey-Lin Liang

* zhan-kya : literally war leader, a title that I add here for Chan Ce-Jian, leader of the Guild of Cho which is the official military guild of the Theocracy


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