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I have a mac and have been playing ryzom. I didn't play for a couple of days and went to get on this morning and I can't even get the first screen to show up.. I am not very computer literate, but i was looking at a couple of places in the forum where people were having the same problem. I tried to find the ryzom library support, but couldn't find it. I could find the ryzom core client. but couldnt find microvegitation to bring it down to 0.

I tried uninstall then installed again. and I still have the same problem.

Is there someone who can talk me through to find out what is wrong?

Thank you,

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To set the microvegetation to 0 you can just edit the client.cfg (don't know where the file's saved on a mac though)

Just enter (edit) the following line in it:

MicroVeget = 0;

BUT if by "first screen" you mean the login or character selection then the microvegetation change won't do you any good, neither bad though.
So for anyone with more mac knowledge than me: please state what you can do (just login? select character?)


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Yes, I meant the login screen doesn't come up. I click on the ryzom planet and nothing happens.
I am glad to at least know that I don't have to worry about the micro vegetation setting, thank you jamys:)
I will try again to uninstall and reload the game again. That is all I can think to do besides getting a new computer. I do so love this game.

Thank you for your reply,

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im not sure if this will help but befor the excile i was having a simular problem sywindt and i tryed and tryed to sort out my problem it wasnt until i removed kepersky from my pc that i managed to log in if you have kepersky my be its that


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Hmmm no , I don't have that. But thank you for the info. Maybe another who looks here will benefit from that.

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Yay, I had someone help me to get it up and running! Thank you both for your support . It meant a lot:)

Kind regards, hyroshii

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glad you got it running YAY


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how did you get it running?
mine game won't load beyond character selection.. it was fine yesterday but today it won't open.....


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