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This is the age old one that has been brought up many times before:

We have 3 outpost slots to build stuff on but only 1 we can use.

New building possibilities
1 - Storage Vault
2 - Workshop
3 - Barracks
4 - Watch Tower

In all cases only 1 per outpost with the exception of the Storage Vault which is 1 per Guild regardless of the number of outposts.

Storage Vault:
Additional Bulk capacity for guilds dependant on the level of the outpost held
level 50 = 500 Bulk
level 100 = 750 Bulk
level 150 = 1000 Bulk
level 200 = 1500 Bulk
level 250 = 2000 Bulk

Should the owning guild lose the outpost they have 24hours to remove any materials held in the Vault otherwise they are lost. This will require an additional tab added to the Guild Inventory "Outpost Vault" items have to be moved to the vault to make use of the space just as you would move from your bag to the Guild Bank.

Open building slot allowing you to walk into it once you enter the door you get a pop up message saying "Guild workshop in use" this will grant a small % boost to successful crafting dependant on the level of the outpost
level 50 = 2%
level 100 = 4%
level 150 = 6%
level 200 = 8%
level 250 = 10%

Increased HP for NPC guards during wars due to extensive battle training
level 50 = 2%
level 100 = 4%
level 150 = 6%
level 200 = 10%
level 250 = 15%

4 - Watchtower
The watch tower relays the status of NPC groups to the owning guild during wars showing a new "team like window" under the Outpost tab which displays the NPC squards currently deployed. The display will show 8/8 when the whole Squad is alive and reflect the current numbers in each squad real time allowing the owning guild to monitor the status of the guards and giving you an indicator of the attackers success in killing them off.

Can't think of any others that wouldn't overpower some of the higher level outposts or be generally useful

The Soul

For those selecting "All terrible go home Waylanda" please take the time to put why so that the suggestion can be improved and the negative aspects reworked.

Suggestions only get better when folks actively take part.

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Building 3... would the extra HP for the guards also apply on the second round where the attacking guild controls the guards? ;)

#3 [en] 

Considering the OP is still held by the owners it shouldn't but wasn't something i'd considered.

The advantages of having some of these extra buildings is it would not only make use of the extra spaces, force people to pick and choose what they want and sacrifice not having something else & gives more purpose for holding higher quality outposts which in turn could increase OP war frequency a little (as long as i've got time to harvest ammo that's a good thing in my book)

The Soul

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For those selecting "All terrible go home Waylanda" please take the time to put why so that the suggestion can be improved and the negative aspects reworked.

Suggestions only get better when folks actively take part.

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Building 1: Storage

This is a neat idea, and one that I like, even considering the dangers. However, as soon as one is lost and the first guild loses their stuff, the wailing and gnashing of teeth will probably reach levels we've never heard of before. Particularly so if there is a "semi" legitimate claim that there haven't been a GL or HO online in a while. The time that the "ghost storage" is available might need to be adjusted based on how long it takes for a CSR to promote someone to HO or GL in the absence of anyone else.

Building 2: Workshop

As much as I'd want to encourage people to spend more times at outposts instead of using them as cats/mats faucets, a boost to crafting to this extent might be a bit extreme. We already have the scrollmaker occupation which can boost crafting success by up to 14%, so this would seem to be in competition with that. It might, however, encourage more outpost battles, which may not be a bad thing for those who enjoy them.

Building 3: Barracks

Great idea. It provides a bit of an advantage to the defender, and becomes inactive when the owner temporarily loses control.

Building 4: Watchtower

This could (and probably should) be combined with building #3, the Barracks, considering that the Barracks is all about soldier management.

I'd suggest allowing a Stables to be built. It would function just like a regular stables, except you can't purchase Meks, only Mek food. You bring your meks to the outpost and can have access to the GH and your mek storage without having to travel all over the place.

If the outpost is taken from you, your meks simply appear on the outpost grounds whenever you log in, similar to the way they appear when left out in the open right now. Like the Barracks, the Stables should become inactive when the owning guild temporarily loses control of the outpost.

#6 [en] 

Love the idea about the stables and i would have the stables only accessible to the owning guild and the food be half price to encourage folks to use it more thought would be needed to make the stables a balanced option that has matching worth to the guild as any other option.

The main reason for spliting the watch tower and barracks is that you don't want 1 building to over power another as some balance is needed. This is also true for the potential risk factor of stuffing lots of boss materials into the Storage Vault and potentially losing them. The window could be extended to upto 72 hours from the end of the Defense Phase however any longer would allow the owning guild to keep more storage than the should compared to other guilds.

The Risk factor retains the realism of Ryzom and works well with the risk/gain ratio, you could lose what you put into the Storage Vault but you would have plenty of warning first 24 hours worth of declaration time then the time to the defense phase and i'm sure most guilds would empty the storage vault during the Attack and Defense phase then you add 24-72 hours and that is a considerable amount of time to remove what is essentially upto 2 packers worth of bulk (under the suggested amounts it may even be worth keeping the numbers simple and add 1 packers worth of bulk per 50th level but i would grant the 250 outposts more to encourage more Outpost activity)

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how about we make ye pay dappers for all this fun stuff?
saves the atyss debt crisis!

ps. always grumpy way :P

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#8 [en] 

how about we make ye pay dappers for all this fun stuff?
saves the atyss debt crisis!

ps. always grumpy way :P

I totally agree on both counts.

The buildings must have a dapper cost to them i was def not suggesting that they be free but another thought strikes me that dappers are so easily made and their are plenty of folks running around with several hundred million if not billions which makes any amount charged still kind of meaning less.

However a large number of wood & resin as building materials Q=to the level of the outpost and of the same region type (Choice only) would at least add a certain amount of actual work to make these add-on's and possibly make more guild generated "missions" to have guildies help dig up enough materials just a side thought that one though.

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#9 [en] 

ouhouh getting a bit far away from pvp there mr way :o}
sounding a bit like the originial intention once mentioned far far away.
sounds pretty good thou :o)
ps. isnt this ye back home :o}

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It's all incluvise really. Ryzom is not a PvP focused game, nor even a craft/harvest one so any additions need to be balanced carefully. Besides all that it's never bad to expand upon a previous idea even if those expansions don't pan out.

The goal here though is to make use of something that hasn't been made use of, while adding additional elements and encouraging a little more OP activity.

The Soul

#11 [en] 

In respect of Nr.3
not for it as it even more misbalances battles
Especially the high level regions are more difficult to attack/obtain and are yet the more sought after OPs, due to the resources.
If you do the percentage the top/bottom way I would agree as it may bring more fun in lower level OP battles and does not make an attack on an 250 OP near impossible.
Hence 50 OP = 15% and so on so that 250 OP = 2%

Otherwise good ideas even though as you mentioned it is kind of old thread revived, but at least a bit more specific in some ways. ^^

Link to other OP ideas for completion:

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How about making it in such a way that the additional buildings available depend on the outpost type?

Storage space could be added to all types
Watch towers only for stronghold or border posts
Barracks only in strongholds
Workshops only for workshops (sounds kinda silly though)

Farms might be able to boost something in regards of raw materials or make it possible to have a herd of animals for some purpose.
Trade posts... maybe food supply for mektoubs or a shop
Diplomatic outposts could host food supply for mektoubs as well
Research centers some kind of trainers teaching special skills
Magic poles could make a building increasing the sap generation of homins in a area around it


#13 [en] 

Reviving for further discussion and hopefully some development ;)

#14 [en] 

More proposals on this topic:

Also, as additional thought, ability to replace generic Outpost hall with something more useful and differently looking would be great. Like, faction Outpost halls. Temples and drills already look different, so why not to take same approach for the halls.

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#15 [en] 

ouhouh casino building :D
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