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This thread has been inspired by the similar thread in German forums started by Chanchey. Although various ideas related to outpost upgrades keep popping up through years, since the moment outposts were introduced.

1) Guild teleport

Members of the guild can buy special pacts allowing them to teleport directly to the OP. Not much use for this thingy though, could be used for easier access to hunting or digging spots. Also could be useful for specific "surprise!" tactic in battles, when a group of guild members teleport stright in the middle, bringing some mess in enemy lines. Also i think it won't be reasonable to use entire construction site just for an altar, but rather make it as upgrade of the outpost hall.

2) Barracks

Adds more squads of npc guards, quantity of squads and npc may vary depending on the level of building. More important, it allows to hire various types of NPC trainers, used to improve stats of NPC. Guild hire a trainer (only one at time), Master Artillerist or Master of Sorcery for example, pick up a training task from the list of tasks ("Train for damage", "Train for HP", "Train for range") and pay money. Training starts and goes on for different periods of time. For instance, Training for damage 1 cost 10 millions, continue for 7 days and gives additional 50 points of NPC damage; Training 2 costs 20 millions, lasts for 14 days, gives 75 points of damage etc, with the longest training tasks taking up literally months to be done.

Sure thing, removing the Barracks or losing an OP would cancel any training. I'm not sure if the progress in training must be kept or not; and if guild rebuild Barracks should it start again from scratch or from the point it has been interrupted at.

3) Hall of Diplomacy

Allows to hire a Diplomat NPC, giving access to negotiation tasks. One can select a negotiation with certain race or tribe from all over of Atys. Same way like NPC training - pay money for task and wait until it's done. (Maybe add a chance of failure here, as communication with different people could be complicated). Rewards would be fame, racial points and access to some secret rites offered by races and tribes, that can't be unlocked without assistance of Diplomat.

4) Refinery

Use large amounts of low grade mats to refine them into higher grade ones, but in much smaller quantity. Like 1000 pieces of choice mat can be refined into 10 pieces of excellent mat or 1 piece of supreme. I guess harvesting all these cheap mats would take roughly equal time compared to the time wasted on camping excels and supremes. To prevent exploiting via buying mats from market, add harvesting tasks, so only mats gathered for them would apply in refining process.

To make it more challenging, add a chance of failure with some amount of mats getting lost if refining task has failed. Also some dapper investment would be logical. To make it more funny and challenging for other guilds, if the OP gets captured, new owners recieve all mats stored in refinery at the moment of the takeover as refinery would get locked up making impossible to remove mats from it until attack is over (Finally! PvP loot! Hahaha!).

5) Research Hall

Allows to hire two NPC's - Master Researcher and Material Expert. Researcher offers list of researching tasks aimed for improvement of material stats. Like "Durability research", "Lightness research", "Damage research" etc. Same way, like with previously mentioned kinds of tasks, researching ones would require money and time in order to be accomplished. Also Researcher would ask for different materials from animals and harvesting being handed to him, explaining it like he needs those mats for researching experiments. The result of each successful task is Improvement Plan, appearing in form of a scroll handed to GL or any HO of the guild that owns the OP.

Now it would be time for Material Expert to work. Guild may hire different experts (only one at time though), like Oil Expert or Amber Expert. Give him proper Improvement plan (i.e. Amber specialist can't accept Damage improvement plan) and money, put mats you desire to be improved into Research Hall and start Imrpoving task. Failed task result in partial loss of materials, successful task result in number of mats being improved. War declaration doesn't interrupt any tasks but locks up the hall with all mats stored inside, that can be looted by the guild that has captured OP.

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I posted a similar idea on French board
to make it short :

- a farm (bonus for harvesters)
- a workshop (bonus for crafters)
- a stronghold (bonus for fighters)
- a magic pole (bonus for mages)
- a research center (new technologies, ammo etc)
- a trade post (guild merchants, storage etc)
- a border post (transport facilities like stable or teleport)
- a diplomatic outpost (bonus of fame like fast gain or higher cap)

I'm sure you'll guess where the names come from


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@german thread
We do list a couple of other ideas.
Personally I think its a good idea, yet there have to be a couple of limitations to it.... I may just repeat the suggestions and concerns from the thread.

Extension of the guild hall
idea: increasing the overall bulk
limitation: excessive mats/items shall be lost with loss of OP

idea: a tower which fires rockets into the enemies rows when OP is being attacked
limitation: towers are destoyable and amunition needs to be provided by the OP-holder

OP-mat drill-enhancer
idea: increases the rate of which mats/flowers/cristalls are extracted
limitation: consumes dapper, shall have influence on the kami tolerance (if neglected drill and part of the goods gets destroyed)

trade building
idea: OP products can be obtained from the own OP trader
limitation: none so far

+idea: every OP can refine only a certain mat which would have the OPs name in it, e.g. Berello wood
suggestion: maybe with different colour (or even stats)

+idea: increase the level and the amount of spawned NPCs
linitation: depending on OP level and amount need to be controlled, otherwise the 250er are disadvantaged.
E.g. 150er OP can have max 200er NPCs of same amount as usual or 150er with 1.5x the amount of usual. So 50er+Level cap and 1.5x amount cap. or similiar
++idea: allow NPC petrols for the OP, which attack homins from certain factions/groups, who then can't trade with the guild/OP

@dapper usage
my personal opinion is that dapper are to easy to get and therefore for the maintenance of OP buildings continuous supply of certain mats a required. E.g. for drill maintenance oil and wood.

Hope didn't miss anything

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I like these ideas and would like to see them implemented. But I'd love if we could create some buildings in the OPs that serve a more social function as well, like shops (to sell/trade OP produce as Razrah suggested) or bars (maybe a place to sell/trade occupation items).

Afterall the OP warmongers need to socialize and have a drink after the battles as well =P


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Just being able to put buildings that are nothing more than scenery on those empty building lots would be welcome, I think.

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This is an Outpost, suppose to be on the edge of civilization.

Trading Post: Shop with a Hawker, but guild gets a small percentage off the top of all transactions. (Every digger knows how useful Hawkers are for storing mats while digging.)

Launcher tower: Add the effect of shooting mobs which enter OP, both in and out of OP battle.

Palisade: Walls in predefined positions, leaving "gates" (gaps for OP battles).

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what about just a great fire in the middle of the OP, that should scare some wildlife


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In thinking about other ideas for outposts, it would first be important for outposts to become centers of activity ... or at least visited a lot more than they are now (unless you dig in a q250 region next to yours). The ideas presented in this thread could definitely move things along in that direction.

When outposts were introduced, or perhaps later on, was any decision made that outposts were NOT supposed to be centers of activity, that players were still supposed to gather around the racial cities instead?

Other than the present (low) population level, is there any reason why it would be a bad thing now to have players gather at outposts and not necessarily quite so much at cities? (I do recognize some of them are more difficult to visit than others)

Knowing this could help shape future ideas about new outpost buildings and other ideas related to hanging around outposts more often than just during battle.
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