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#17 Multilingüe 

What Lacuna didn't see was Bones, hiding in the shadows. As she stared up, dazed and confused, he snatched her cup and replaced it with one containing yelk milk. He knows she might kill him (again) for this but this joke is surely the revenge she deserves for the years of lasagna theft, beatings and dig parties. Bones sits quietly with his own drink, pleased with what he has done. He waves at Mari and Marikka hoping for a high five but secretly waiting for a beating.

#18 [en] 

Hello Lacunakoo :P

I trust you're pleased you made me get off my dusty ass and write you a note.
Thesos was so long ago, but I will always remember it.

To the one who certainly far exceeded my abilities: I am proud to call you my newbie (If you'll permit it...).

And Ast, sorry I haven't been at the stables my friend and mentor.


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