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At the login screen for Ryzom, I can't change the resolution of the game because it's too big for where it fits on the screen. I run Ubuntu (latest release) with Unity, and my screen is 1366x768. Ryzom would fit on the screen vertically nearly perfectly, but there is a bar across the top of Ubuntu that doesn't go away. I need to change the resolution to 800x600 but I can't. Is there a button I can't see because of the resolution problems?

And also, it shouldn't take that many tries to get a suitable forum name. That's the only reason for what I have. To you all, I'm werekitty13.

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I don't know about Linux version, but Windows version indeed does have a resolution setting at the bottom of the login window, and as a result, it can be out of reach in certain resolutions. However, it should be possible to set the resolution manually in a configuration file. It's client.cfg or client_default.cfg, I guess it's the same for all the versions.

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The login and character selection screens are fixed resolution and windowed mode, and there is currently no way to change this.


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