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Xp skill boxes Moveable and tooltip hovering Info

Open Action Progression

Click 3rd Tab after Upgrades.

Check Boxes on each mini Floating XP Bars you want to view on main screen.

___[_x_] One Handed
___[___] Two Handed
___[_x_] Close Combat

[_v_] Magic
___[___] Magic Def
___[___] Magic Off

[_v_] Craft
___[___] Armor
___[_x_] Jewel
___[___] Melee Weapon
___[___] Range Weapon

[_v_] Harvest
___[_v_] Forage
______[_x_] Desert Forage
______[___] Forest Forage
______[___] Jungle Forage
______[___] Lake Forage
______[___] Prime Root Forage

Please Note. Only skills that are able to gain XP will be shown in XP bars. a [_v_] in the box means its been disabled and to select a box in its tree below.

I will now view 4 mini XP bars on my game screen. No bigger then a HP bar. if i hover over it. it will tell me the level and the xp amount in numbers tnl. else it will just show a normal progress bar.

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