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Naophulax Saphenia :: "Guardians of the Sacred Wisdom"

Faction:  Kami
Race:  Neutral
FvF:  As favored of the Kami we will generally take the Kami side in any fight. However, in this time of relative peace between the factions we have made some friends who give allegiance to the Karavan. We do not fault our homin friends their errs, we fault the Karavan for their trickery. Likewise, we understand to be homin is to be fallible, even those who follow the teachings of Ma-Duk; we will not follow Kami guilds down routes of folly.
RvR:  As we are race neutral we do not take an official stance on racial warfare (other than we acknowledge the regrettable loss of life). If forced to take a position, our loyalty lies with the races which follow the Kami (Fyros and Zorai) and/or to the protection of homin life (against acts of aggression).
General PvP:  We neither encourage nor decry PvP. Guild members are encouraged to play as they enjoy. We do however trust the Kami to watch over the resources of Atys, therefore we consider it taboo to take this role upon ourselves by killing those who are harvesting from the land.
Roleplay:  We were initially created as a Roleplay guild and therefore have strong RP roots. However, with the change in the game community (and our in-guild community), our focus has moved away from RP to RP-lite. We encourage RP at events (including guild functions), but do not require it.


"As a guild, our primary goal is the continuity of our positive drama-free in-guild atmosphere in which everyone is having fun.

Our secondary goals include (in no specific order):
  • increasing our Kami fame
  • enough growth to allow for guild hunts (humanoid and mob boss)
  • acquisition and defense of our holdings
  • mastery of all crafts within guild
  • guild mastery of PR harvesting
  • support local community
  • support of new and/or lower level guild members
While working toward these secondary goals, our primary goal should never be eclipsed." ~ excerpt from the Corpus Saphenia

Because we are a collection of old players that have returned to the game, we are more interested in finding old allies than recruiting members new to the game. However, our only real restriction to recruitment is that we only take homin who have already decided to protect our home, Atys, and follow the wisdom of the Kami.
Additionally, because our primary goal is the continuation of an already comfortable and mature (albeit often silly) in-guild atmosphere, we prefer to vet possible new recruits with interviews and teamed discussions. Our purpose in doing this is to weed out those who would bring drama and/or conflict with them.
We are a fairly small guild; interested in growing, but never at the expense of quality of our in-guild community.  
Anyone interested in joining should contact a member of the guild and be prepared to discuss why you would like to join us, what you expect us to provide you as a member, and most important, what you can contribute to our community.

Those who do join will be rewarded with a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable community; a guild with a unique structure and purpose.

Average Age of Members:  mid-30s (approx)
Time Zones of Members:  EST, CST, NZST, PHT
Most Active Playtimes:  Weekdays, 12am to 8am UTC; Weekends, Any
Voice Communication:  Dolby Axon

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Guild Leader
  • Loryen
High Officers
  • Erizon
  • Shylan
  • Newtronious
  • Vhailor
  • Bodhidharma
  • Boosted
  • Kaetemi

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We have decided that we are also moving forward in an RP-PvE manner toward our original goal which was the search for information. We intent to do this through ingame acquisition of lore via rites and missions, as well as the development of player run community events with this goal as a focus.

Specifically, we wish to research:

- the true identity and motives of the Karavan
- the true identity and motives of the Kami
- the true identity and motives of other factions and groups
- who we are and how we came to be on Atys
- what is Atys?
- what is the Goo and how do we stop its spread?
- the life and habits of the various species on Atys

Anyone who is interested in joining in this effort (even other guilds who would like to help sponsor and run an expedition) please feel free to contact us in game.

~ Loryen Roqvini, Guild Leader of Naophulax Saphenia
Dated: Prima, Medis 7, 2e CA 2557

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Likewise, there was once hints that there were forces yet unknown searching for something called the Ryzom...this of course cannot be RP (because our characters cannot know of it), but we would like to know what this is.

While we will be taking a Neutral Position in our research, until we find otherwise, Atys is our home and as such deserves respect and protection from those who would seek to exploit it. As I am Matis, I am well aware...and can show anyone who wishes me to, that the Karavan use homin to prepare Atys for this nefarious goal. Therefore, we will gladly continue to follow the commandments of the Kami in defense of our home.

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