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Naophulax Saphenia

We have decided that we are also moving forward in an RP-PvE manner toward our original goal which was the search for information. We intent to do this through ingame acquisition of lore via rites and missions, as well as the development of player run community events with this goal as a focus.

Specifically, we wish to research:

- the true identity and motives of the Karavan
- the true identity and motives of the Kami
- the true identity and motives of other factions and groups
- who we are and how we came to be on Atys
- what is Atys?
- what is the Goo and how do we stop its spread?
- the life and habits of the various species on Atys

Anyone who is interested in joining in this effort (even other guilds who would like to help sponsor and run an expedition) please feel free to contact us in game.

~ Loryen Roqvini, Guild Leader of Naophulax Saphenia
Dated: Prima, Medis 7, 2e CA 2557
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