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Congratulations Hechicera, you are one of a very few.

The Soul spent months to make me their Marauder HA crafter and we as a guild know how much work has to go into it.

Well done to AA, the wait and hard work are all worth it.


The Soul

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Aeden Artisans is ecstatic to welcome back veteran member, Koallasu.

We also are thrilled to have new members: Bennassi, Baii, and Burnwisper.

As always, if interested in joining our ranks, send a /tell to me, Hechicera, or to:

Crailus, Meagon (GMT -4/5, depending on Daylight Saving)
Soloreaper (GMT)
Ciliana (GMT + 1)
Beeficus (GMT + 8)

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Happy 2500 Days AA!


Leader of Asylum

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Grats on the 2500, a milestone Bunnies just reached also


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nvm im joining monks of polonius sorry for your time

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Aeden Artisans will continue on the new server! We'll be back, whether our levels are wiped or not. At the moment, we'll aim to be Tryker civ and Karavan faction, but that may change depending on our members and their preferences on the new server.

If you're looking for friendly and helpful people to team up with, or if you're interested in joining the re-created guild, please join us in /channel ArisArtisans on the 25h :)

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I'm glad to see AA will be there when the world turns over. :D Hurray!


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Hey everyone.

It's good to see you all again.
For those who didn't know. I'm Dylan.

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Where oh where did my artisans go? Oh where oh where can they be???



Sure do miss them "boots only" parties. Twilight's Rest FTW!!!

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Hi Skayrkrow

At the server merge AA combined with AG to form Spiritus Artificius.

Hechi was GL for a very long time and has handed the reins over to Goldcrest. Think she is playing GuildWars.

As for everyone else - not sure ...


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Hey Utai - thanks!
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