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Hey Utai - thanks!

#27 [en] 

Utai, that's a name I remember.
Haven't been playing for a decade but always remember the good time I/we had.

Out of a sudden I wanted to see what happened to AA, seems a lot has happened.

So it's Spiritus Artificius now eh, doubt I'll find the proper time to play this again and whish I knew if the old chracters are still present.

Had to use an old F2P Account to even post here, which had no characters on it anymore so I fear for the worst.

But good to know at least someone is around still.


#28 [en] 

Most of SA doesn't play anymore, and most of the remaining (Goldcrest, Tenorse and some others I forget for sure) joined Rift Walkers which has more activity than SA.


#29 [en] 

Thanks for the reply,
I figured out by now that there's been a total wipe with the server merge, that explains a lot.

Perhaps I read about the wipe once upton a time, and thus why I never returned to the game.

#30 [en] 

Some members of AA still play in a Tryker/Kara guild called The Conclave. Amesless and I believe Shoona were "pre-merge" players in AA before it became SA. Perhaps you remember one of them.

#31 [en] 

Thanks for all the answers, I'm playing again with yet another name it's daylights now. Not sure for how long I will stay but right now i'm enjoying it, kinda stuck in Liberty Lake for now if you ever run across me let me know ;)


#32 [en] 

Welcome back!
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