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i am seeing new kitin in kitin lair. is the queen coming? hurry and dig larva Vourac!

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hmm, must return there soonish to dig more too... But I don't like the eggroom...

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New Kitinzes? Where?!

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The Kitin is a lie! There is no Kitin! Delicious Kitin! -cough-

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mebbies relying on your fellow player is what made atyss different...

think easiness of any zone is not an arguement with the alti-verse...


mayhem - where no one is an island

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Has the new episode started!?

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no, it's just an announcement of things to come.

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no, it's just an announcement of things to come.

Well, event is not started yet, but there is a big movement of kitins into the Lair. Actually a queen kizarak rounded by a lot of kipee appeared inside, and a lot of very big eggs are in the egg room now.
It sounds the kipee are very aggressive now, but i cannot confirm this voice.

Something very big will happen soon.


Silvae Custodes

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queen kizarak not aggressive to me. odd thing?

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queen kizarak not aggressive to me. odd thing?

no, she's not normally aggro towards kibans ;)

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i also confirm dev remove geometry bugs in lair and add population in lower level. ready for fun?

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How long till this starts do you think guys?

I was hoping to return once i got back from holiday, and now i see this :)

I am just trying to get my little bro to play :)

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Well, maybe this increased Kitin activity in the Lair is a direct result of that nosy Karavan researcher who was there a while ago with some homins collecting samples and disturbing the peace. Way to go, Karavan! =P


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

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There were equally as many Kami helping so there is blame for all to share:)-Kil


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Yay! Shared blame is no blame!

So says diffusion of responsibility.
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