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Faction: Neutral
Civilization: Neutral
Roleplay  Stance: High
Motto: From the smallest seed the most beautiful flowers grow
Guild Website: http://www.adcguild.info

Recruitment  Policy: We don't recruit ... ever ... No exceptions

About us
Altaenae di Cherae is Matisian for "Women who create their own Destiny".  Actually, the direct translation is "Manufacturers(f) of Luck".  The guild is just my sister Marrietta and myself, Kalyndra.  You may be wondering why we have even bothered posting a guild listing given we don't recruit but the answer is simple, we consider any Homin of good standing to be a valued guild member.  That's why we've included a collection of information on our Site that we hope will guide young Homins on their travels through Atys.

We particularly admire people who are willing to forge their own path, daring to seek out things for themselves and not just copy the work of others.  Yet everyone, including ourselves, can benefit from good friends and some help along the way.  We particularly encourage the use of our Site for information as we strive to create meaningful and helpful articles that are educational as well as, we hope, entertaining.

So if you ever need something, or better yet, just want some advice or a chat, then contact either Marrietta or Kalyndra and we'll help as best we can. 

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Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, you gain strength.
Through strength, you gain power.
Through power, you gain victory.
Through victory, your chains are broken.
Ma-Duk shall free you.

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I recommend everyone check out their website. It is very informative. :)

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Details on the latest Advanced Occupation: Alchemist now posted on the site.

It's still a work in progress but there should be enough to get people started in it. Please mail me in game with any errors you find. I'll update it with further details as they are uncovered.

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Marrietta and I will be taking a couple months off for health reasons.  We hope to be back in 2-3 months.  So it's not a good bye, just a see you later.  We'll probably poke our heads in now and again till our subs run out.

Best wishes to most of you,
Marrietta and Kalyndra

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Be well Kaly and Marri! Miss you both.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

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I hope to see you soon both !


*So that Freedom lives , men will always have to stand up and fight against indifference or resignation* (G,M)
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