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It is great to see the game advancing, however does anyone agree the patch numbering is quite poor?

1.9 shouldn't go to 1.10 that's lower :D because at 1.9 i thought we were close to Ryzom 2.0 :) which i expect to be a big patch.

no, it is correct.
The number following the the period (".") is 10, after which is 11. the version can be broken down into smaller minor version for example 1.9.1 and in the case of the version you mentioned 1.10.1 or 1.10.5 up to 1.10.99 (If they so wish) and eventually 1.11.0 and so on. It is up to the developers to decide how they want to number their versions as long as they keep incrementing the versions.

If however it is a "major" version update, for instance when the new code is not compatible with the version 1 code at all, due to big changes, at this point the developers will make the call to move over to a new "major" version like 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 for example.

Hope this helps.


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guess someone can't count > 9 :)
Of course I'd have preferred hexadecimal version numbers myself...

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no. Nor is there a way to change it so it copies the content of another of your action bars except for #1.

That was clearly stated in the post. :)


Peace, Luv & Cookies,

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Did the new occupations make it into the game yet?

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no, those were delayed.

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no, those were delayed.

Is there a schedule for the new occupations already or have they been indefinitely postponed ?


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Yes, waiting for same answer.


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Servers will be shutdown on Wednesday morning in order to apply a small patch.
Scheduled shutdown of between 60-90 mins expected at this stage.

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You now have the update available for Linux users, for this you just have to run ryzom_update.sh.


Yumeroh | Senior Gamemaster | Community Manager | Senior Tester Manager

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First new advanced occupation available: Catalyst Artificer! Now you never have to beg for your cat fix again ;)

The occupations main interface is now in your Identity Window ("P" by default), "Occupations" tab.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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I'm running under Ubuntu 11.04. I have just updated the client to the latest release and sadly, my clients now crash, within 15 seconds of loading the main window. I have cleared all cached files, to no avail.

I will investigate further.

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I've had the same problem and the solution is not very nice...
I had to create a secondary directory from where you launch the second client and create a symbolic link to the data directory, then copy the remaining files, including the binaries. You can do:

cd <your directory containing the "ryzom" install directory>
mv ryzom/data backup_data
cp -R ryzom ryzom_2nd
mv backup_data ryzom/data
cd ryzom_2nd
ln -s ../ryzom/data data

Then you run one client from "ryzom" and the other from "ryzom_2nd"

I suspect that both clients otherwise access the same config and/or log files and there is some form of race between the two.

Now it's running smoothly.


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I suppose you should also be able to launch several clients starting them from different directories with client.cfg there.

/home/user/ryzom/ <= official static client

go to /home/user/ryzom1/client.cfg and start ../ryzom/ryzom_client

Btw don't forget to edit client.cfg and setup PreDataPath to your data absolute path.

I didn't tested that but it should work because Ryzom is checking first if there is a client.cfg in current folder and then in ~/.ryzom and use that folder for creating its files.

Edit: If you compiled yourself the client and it's installed in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin, you'll just to copy ~/.ryzom/client.cfg in a new folder without needing to edit it and launch ryzom with ryzom_client

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Kervala - Ryzom volunteer developer - Working on different clients

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Where is the master for the Catalyst Artificer?

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There is none. You don't ned to see a Master. See the thread here on the forum that covers the subject.


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