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Zoran Academai is a nonfaction, Dynastic(Zorai) guild that is actively recruiting new players to the game as well as higher levels to help be “trainers”. We are based out of Zora, but will help trek people to different locations.
ZA is a bridge guild for new players. We are here to help you learn about the game, its mechanics, different guilds and factions and where you would best fit.
Your stay in ZA is determined by how long you feel it’s needed. You are welcome to stay an hour to your whole life on Atys.

ZA is structured differently from most guilds. There are the Trainers and the members.

If you are looking for a great learning experience as well as a group of newer players or you are an older member looking to help new players, this is the guild for you.

If you are interested send Kotai a tell or in game mail.

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