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On the shores of New Trykoth, opportunities abound and a young homin may find himself lost.

We try to give you a home, friends, and help in discovering your identity as a homin and a Tryker.

We're Trykers, first and foremost, but we don't let that stop us being friends with those who are not.

Whether you want some roleplaying, people to hang around with, bosshunting, digging, training your combat skills, as long as it's fun we're up for it.

We're neutral in faction conflicts, but will defend New Trykoth when called upon (note, no member is required to engage in any pvp action).
If you want to be tagged or duel, you're free to do so as long as it's in good spirits and with consent from all involved.

Contact Iala for more information.

We have a representation on Silan to help homins but don't actively recruit there.


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