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Chelin had just arrived in the splendid capital of her people, the beautiful Zora, with its walls studded with amber.
He was a young homin, and his circles would have gone no further than the third (except perhaps in craftsmanship).
But Chelin had the quality (or flaw) of being very curious. His lack of experience prevented him, much to his regret, from making long journeys alone to other regions.
But one fine day, having overslept after a night spent sewing a mediocre suit of armor, Chelin stumbled upon a strange object at the entrance to Zora: a glittering sphere seemingly made of amber. He approached it, curious, and felt as transported as when he left Silan.
He awoke at the foot of a terrifying kitin. He leapt to his feet, thinking he'd run away, but then he thought he was dreaming: it may sound absurd, but the Kincher handed him a club and a yubo. He then invited the zorai to play a strange game: extreme yubo golf !!!!
After two hours of trying to catapult the yubo into the mouth of a very friendly kirosta, Chelin thought he was going mad.
He spotted a gap in the high cliff that surrounded the golf course. A way out of this absurd nightmare !!!!
But he was disappointed to see the exit cluttered with pieces of bark from a landslide.
He stood up on tiptoe and peered through the clutter: bandits were having a good time in their camp.
In despair, the homin donned his amplifiers and, resolutely, cast a spell on the bandits. In one fell swoop, they struck him down...
But something happened that Chelin hadn't expected: he woke up in front of the master Kami of Pyr.
It hadn't been a dream, but he was really dead.
It didn't really matter to him: he'd made the journey to the land of the fyros!
He consulted a map and realized that his absurd adventure with the kitin golf course had taken place in the Kamis' secret oasis, inaccessible for so many years!
He couldn't believe it! Forgetting that his people had little taste for drink, he ordered a shooki liqueur from the bar and, as was to be expected from a zorai, regurgitated his entire glass, thereby expelling himself from the bar.
But he tore up a pact and went home. The evening found him happy with the end of this most strange day, and Chelin fell asleep with a smile on his face...

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