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Haha, geez! Okay, so what are the rewards for it. The guys in charge need to bring this to life! :)

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I'm currently playing a full PvP game, even though I'm a more PvE than PvP player. His ego takes a hit when you get killed, but going through risky areas, where the losses are more consequent, is like adding spices to your meal :-)
If you like that, you should play that game; there are more than one with that type of mechanic. Luckily Ryzom does not implement it that way - and that is what makes it appealing to me. And I'm probably not the only person with a similar reason who would stop to play when that changes.There are PvP zones, and there's things in the PvP zones that make it worth going there and worth fighting others for your personal or guild's gain - and there's the outposts where you also have to do PvP and where the winner gets the OP along with their produce in order to make better equipment.No need to make the game a nuissance to everyone who does not enjoy constant PvP.Good that Ryzom is not totally PvP-centric, does not see ganking on harvesters just because it can be done and loot them for their gear. Good that ryzom has very meaningful roleplay, very meaningful harvesting and crafting. Constant and only hack&slay is elsewhere.

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