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Shaking a few grains of sand from his worn Kostomyx boots, Rashan noted, not for the first time, how this fine Lakelands silt differed from the coarse, sun beat grains of his native lands in the Burning Desert. Likening the grit to the countless islands and even the local populace, he chuckled to himself. Small and annoying. But now it was time to adopt a more Tolerant outlook and report back to the Corporal in the Fairhaven bar. At least they got that right, he smiled. Strolling along the scrubbed decking, he recalled just how he got to this place...

* * *

Things had not ended too badly after the embezzlement, sure a few bridges (and districts in Pyr) were burned, but all was restored and Rashan suspected that some saw the financial loss as a small price to pay to be rid of him. The funds had been sufficient for a start and had even survived the 2nd Great Swarming, but after so much time living a comfortable life in exile the sack of dappers had been reduced to a small pouch.

It was time to go back to work and that meant returning to the New Lands. The word ‘work’ held a different meaning for Rashan - his mind worked day and night, trying to work all the angles but none of his schemes seemed like they would work. Just as he was considering becoming a common criminal and joining the Marauders he saw something that set off a ding in his head.

At the portal to the New Lands, a thankful Matisian in patchwork clothes was handing a sizeable bundle of choice materials to the Ranger guard.

“Ser Ranger, please, take this as a token of my everlasting gratitude. I'll soon return to the lands of opportunity and my noble family where such a sum is a mere trifle.”
“Tinnaco-kin, your generosity will benefit many others. I will send this to the vault so that it may be distributed to displaced homins,” the ranger replied benevolently.
“Farewell and keep up the good work!”

“About that good work, where do I sign up?”

Details of the process were scant but after an interview with Orphie Dradius, Rashan was strongly encouraged to visit each nation in turn and truly learn the meaning of Service. After a quick visit to the vault and with a spring in his step, he stepped through the portal and into a new life of enrichment.

* * *

Snapping back to the present and the Fairhaven bar, Rashan handed in his latest kitin scouting report to the beaming Corporal.

“Thank you nair-Rashan, you’ve done so much and I’m pleased to give a glowing report of your contributions to the Taliari.”

With this commendation and the sheaf of others from each of the nations, the first stage of the process was complete and Rashan proudly strode off with a tear in his eye. Stupid fine sand.
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