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Hi everyone :) I think this is the right forum section for this kind of thing.

I have recently started recording and streaming my gaming sessions in Ryzom. Streaming is something I have always wanted to try and with everything that has been going on it seemed like the time to do it.

I am going to start with streaming my multiboxing. Since the proposed changes to the Code of Conduct are being discussed right now, there is a distinct possibility that the way I play Ryzom may have to change in the near future. If these changes are implemented, multiboxing will become part of the history of Ryzom. If the changes are not implemented, it strikes me that many people are curious and would like to see how it can be done well.

These are just some of the reasons I have decided to share my gaming experience with everyone here. I will be streaming any time I load up my alts from now on, until I decide to stop or until the CoC changes and my alts are no longer allowed. So for anyone who is interested, now or in the future, you can see my streams and videos on Twitch and YouTube using the links below.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHAN_LZyVIwNAXhhYKqvZSQ/videos?v iew_as=subscriber

I will watch this thread, so if any of you have any questions about my setup or my windows settings or anything at all, please feel free to ask here :)

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bloody multiboxers!!!!! :D


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