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I know, one can already gain fame via PvE: there are plenty of missions that allow homins to get fame with any faction or tribe imaginable. But what about losing fames?

We all know how marauders "lose" fame: they do the mind-numbing ritual of repeatedly "renouncing" allegiance with each faction in turn. It is boring, stupid and in terms of roleplay... trolling the npcs.

Here's an alternative.


What if each faction declared that a certain mob was "protected" in a certain region? Say, you would talk with the Fyros welcomer, and he would tell you "we are breeding yelks in Flaming Forest, we need to stock up on their mushrooms". If a homin hated the fyros, it would be logical to go on and kill yelks in FF, right?

We would have a dynamic mission pop up 2-3 times per day. To engage with the mission, a homin must be tagged for PvP first. For each X mobs killed, they lose a fraction of the corresponding fame.

-- Fame loss may be constant, but other rewards could be capped if the person repeats these missions too many times (to avoid farming).

Conversely, if during the event, another PvP-flagged homin kills this intruder, they should get some fame with the same faction protecting the mobs, and/or faction points.

Alternatively, the factions could decide to protect the digging deposits. Same mechanism, if you dig X materials you're a bandit, if you kill those diggers you're a local hero.


I see three main benefits to this:
  • First, it gives a meaningful mechanism to marauders to lose fame. Yes, the loophole with the faction NPCs will still be there, because my way would be slower... but at least
  • This is a more fun activity. Maybe it's just me, but between doing heavy PvP for two hours at an outpost, and doing mild PvP to save the poor lumpers in GoU, I'd take the latter.
  • Thirdly, this is a practical way to practice what you preach. I know many people that do very light roleplay, but can't be bothered to join events or do serious stuff. However, a 20-minute mission during which one attempts to murder marauders may be more ... enticing.


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