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-the hardest rite, that takes forever until you lose your will to live \o/

By Jorgensen

accompanying diagram:

Reward: Lightning Wall aura. For one minute, reduce an opponent's melee skill levels by 20. If you also do the bawaab rite ( much easier and shorter ) this increases to 30 levels. There isn't much detail on how this actually works in practice. The info on the aura currently says it decreases the opponent hand to hand by 30 levels, which would make it generally only useful against mobs not players, 'cause you don't pvp with your fists. But I'm not sure. Many players will say it reduces all opponent melee attacks by 30 levels.

1. Do the prerequisite missions as described in https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Kincher_Rite

-note: Ba'Duffy Dappan and Ba'arppy Jidgen are hunters in Fount and Resting Water, respectively. They are not super easy to find. Make a target macro for them, they can roam just about anywhere in those regions.

2. all prerequisites complete ( check encylopedia/kinchers ), go see npc Ana Ryon who is in the Kitin's Lair entrance, which is in the ranger camp in Almati Wood. She will start the rite and send you to see npc Dixie Keele in Lagoons of Loria.

-note: Ana Ryon also starts the Kizoar Rite, so make sure you pick the Kincher Rite if two rites are available from her.

3. Dixie Keele is due east of Avendale portal in Loria. You can see a blue flag on your map, marking her spot. There are some safe water ponds at the spot, but there is a huge amount of aggro. Find her, go past her into the pond just east of her, and approach her as close as possible without leaving the water. Don't try to talk to her on land with invul: she has a lot to say and stuff to give you. Activate her dialog from safely within the water. Make sure to read her instructions, and make sure you get 4 empty phials. She will send you to a new spot near the entrance to Loria Ponds area, a bit north of where you are now, which will also be marked with a blue flag.

-note: She has been stung by a kincher and is in excruciating pain. She screams a lot. But that doesn't concern you - you have a rite to complete.

4 Leave Dixie, go to the flagged spot to wait for the huge named kincher Gerder. Getting there will advance the mission telling you to target Gerder. You can wait there for Gerder to arrive to target her, but that can take hours. Alternately you can go look for Gerder and target her anywhere in Loria. She will be along the poop locations shown in the accompanying diagram "http://arxan.paunix.org/kincher.jpg"

5. Once you find and target ( click on ) Gerder, a 30 minute countdown timer will start. You can do nothing for the rite while it counts down. Just wait, or do something else. You don't have to keep the target on Gerder. You don't have to keep following her at all. That step is over now.

-note: the 30 minute timer *does not* mean you have 30 minutes to find the first set of poop. It means you have to wait 30 minutes before any of the poop will be active for finding. This is annoying.

6. [THE HARD PART] When the timer has counted down and disappears, the poop hunt begins. Go to one of the spots on the accompanying diagram "http://arxan.paunix.org/kincher.jpg", and look for typical glowing green dig bubbles on the ground near the location. Those are the secretions. When you find one, don't dig, but equip one of the phials in your right hand, and just run over the bubbles. You can even do this on a mektoub so long as your phial is equiped in your hand.

Not every location will fill your phial. It is random. If nothing happens, move on to the next location. When you get to an active location, the phial will automatically fill with kincher secretion, it will turn greenish, and its name in your inventory will be 'gerder', You'll get a message saying a mission step is complete, and the 30 minute countdown timer will start again.

Wait again for thirty minutes, then equip another phial, traverse the poop locations again until you fill it.

Repeat until you fill all four phials.

Yes, because of the countdown timers, collecting kincher poop will take a *minumum* of two hours. On top of that, Loria is big and it is very hard to get to ( or even find ) some of the poop spots because of the aggro everywhere. The poop hunt is a long, dangerous mission step. It doesn't matter if you die or log off during this part, it took me several days to finally complete this part and it still worked. Remember - the 30 minute countdown timer means how long you must wait before you start hunting for poop. Once it the timer disappears, there is no time limit to how long you have to find the next set of poop and fill your phial.

-note: when i did it, the active locations happened from right to left on the map. The first one was close to the ponds, the second one closer to lake superior, the third on the south shore of lake superior, and the forth far west. I don't know if that always happens. I also don't know if more than one location at a time is active. )

7. When you have all four phials filled, mission will change and tell you to kill Gerder. Go do that. She'll be somewhere along the line of poop you are so familiar with by now. Might be a good idea to have a small team ready for this before filling the final phial, because some reports say that if another team kills Gerder after you have been ordered to kill her, the whole rite will fail and you'll have to start over. I have not verified this. But that would suck after spending so many hours collecing poop.

8. Gerder is dead. Go back and talk to Dixie Keele west of loria portal. She will send you back to Ana Ryon in kitin's lair. Phew, no more Loria.

9. Ana Ryon will tell you to take the secretions you collected, and venture deeper into the kitins layer to find 'The Source'. The Source is a big skull in the ground. It is found at the easternmost place on the map of kitins layer, past the cattle room and up and to the right. Give the secretion to the source, and run back down the tunnel because a load of kinchers will soon pop.

10. Now kill a great kincher. This can be the one that pops near the source if you like, but it has many minions that will all attack if you fight it. Another way is to just go back to cattle room, wait until the great kincher shepherd arrives with more herbivores ( 15 minutes or so ), wait until the shepherd kincher goes down a tunnel and is no longer near the protective kipees, and then kill it. That way you won't get swarmed.

11. Go back to Ana Ryon at the start of kitin's lair. She will give you your lightning wall aura. Yay you rock

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