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Hi folks,

I've been adding the Creative Commons Ryzom concept art to the OpenGameArt website. I've been able to identify the animals based on this great wiki page: https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Animals_of_Atys

But I can't find an equivalent for the Kami. Do you know if one exists? I'd love to know the names and purposes of each of the Kami that made it into the game.

I've figured out the Kami Guide (http://ryzom-adventures.wikidot.com/npc:kami-guide) and the Kami Sentinel (http://ryzom-adventures.wikidot.com/creatures:kami-sentinel), and the Kami Adepts are homins.

But I'd love to know what other Kami are in the game and what they do, if you could help me out.
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