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Posters appeared on all the walls of Atys and the public criers spread throughout the surface but also under the roots to bring the good news everywhere.

Hominas, homins !

We are pleased to invite you to the medal ceremony and closing ceremony of Atys Games 2604.

Come honour the participants and applaud the winners!
Let yourself be enchanted by the most dazzling pyrotechnic show of the year!

We will then extinguish the flame of these games but it will only be to better light it again during the next Atys Games.

Meet us on 2h - Quarta, Frutor 10, 4th AC 2604 (*) at the bottom of the hill of Chiang the Strong.

Don't forget your water bombs!
On-site food service: Stew of rendors and beer at will.

* [OOC] On Saturday, 31 August 2019 19:00:00 UTC (10 months ago). [/OOC]

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