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Get the mats and a tool. Go back to the NPC and take the mission, while standing in front of them and hand in when done. You can to them in bunches if the bulk exceeds what bag can hold. I usually have my packer w/ me and have it hold the mats. If y aneed 40, then can hand in say 10 at a time. The ones in double digits tho are usally ammo which outside of launchers has a lot of bullets in each craft.

I get what you mean, I already do crafting missions as you describe.
My point was : the update missed to adjust the timers to reflect the new quantity of items to be made.

The 1 minute 30 seconds I mention was a mission requiring 5 earrings to be handed over to the NPC. Now it's 40 earrings to be made and handed over in 90 seconds. At 3 seconds per crafting *action*, that already takes 120 seconds just for the making. The mission has to be active for the crafting action to be valid, so we ended up with newly impossible to complete missions.
And I'm not even taking of all the time required to click though recipe selection, mats selection, and handing items over to the NPC (5 times x 8 items), which would probably amount to another additional whole minute.

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Yes there are a few that the time limit is virtually impossible, most notably the wandering PR NPCs that are standing inmiddle of aggro while you have short timers.   But most of those short timers I have been able to "get'er done" by bringing the mats before hand.  And with "Wundahmat" abundantly available during event, having no bulk crafting mats is a huge aid.


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