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Dear Teeneemai, our friend

Sorrow and sadness came into our hearts with the terrible news in last izam from our friends. You and Tyneetryk's Tears were always the closest friends of Phaedrea's Tears. It is even harder then to accept that you have left us forever and your lifeseed is now free with stars above Atys.

We will never forget the pleasure of time in your company. We will never forget all the great and hard work you did for all hominkind. We will never forget you as well as your friend Tyneetryk who left us long time ago but you never let his name to be forgotten. You held his memory until your last days. Now it is our commitment to never let you both great homins to be forgotten.

Dear friend, take good care on your longest way. We will miss you every single day.

Moniq, with the deepest respect
Phaedrea's Tears

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Sincères condoléances.


Ducocinnio Nono, dit Duke Nono
Noble Matis, artisan de la maison noble La Firme
Gardien du Royaume et Béni de Jena

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C'était une personne toujours dévouée et prête à aider tout le monde, et aussi ses collègues. Nous perdons bien plus qu'un Csr, c'était un ami avec qui on parlait et l'on plaisantait dans les moments calmes. Il va nous, et me, manquer énormément, et je ne pourrais plus lui offrir sa tasse de thé virtuelle tout les matins ... Un bien triste weekend pour Ryzom. Ari, tu restera à jamais dans mon cœur.

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Atys has lost a piece of it's heart. We shall keep her a large place in our memories as an example of friendliness, dedication and helpfulness. May her close friends and relatives recieve our most sincere feelings of compassion and solidarity.

Atys à perdu un morceau de son cœur. Nous lui ferons une grande place dans nos mémoires, elle était un exemple de cordialité, de dévouement et de disponibilité. Puissent ses proches et ses amis recevoir nos meilleurs sentiments de compassion et de solidarité.


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In deep sorrow, we say goodbye to one of the greats who was always there for the community, and who was there to help and advise us. Now it's time to thank his family, God bless you.

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Dear Ari,

you were a great CSR colleague, full of passion, enthusiasm and always available for everyone to help. You loved the Ryzom with all your heart.
I cannot express how much sadness I feel hearing about you leaving to another world.
We will never forget you!


Emiro | Game Master | Englisch/German
Ryzom Support Team

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This is a shock - I always found Arionasis helpful, knowledgable and friendly. He will always be part of the game for me. My sincere condolences to family, friends and colleagues.


Out of the Darkness, into the Light

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Arionasis is someone I counted as a friend - always glad to help.  Atys will not be the same without this cheerful presence.  I will try to pretend that he is still there somewhere behind the scenes.  Our thoughts are with the family and friends.  Loved ones live on in our memories.


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

When one goes on a journey it is not the scenery that changes, but the traveller

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Dear Arionasis,

I never told you, but you've always been a great role model for me.
You always had something clever to say and you were always politically correct. Always anxious to do everything right (especially when it comes to improving my grammar ;) ).

Your death came as a surprise to me, and by this I realized what a strong personality you are.
In the last weeks you joined the Game Design Team and you never stopped to learn more and as far as I know, you had no fear. Neither in life, nor in death.

I am grateful that I was able to get to know you and to work with you on our common passion - Ryzom.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Rest in peace Ari,

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Requiescat In Pace.

Ario, qui plaisantait toujours et répondait à mes blagues....
Ario, le grand ami de Chang le Fort...

Que son âme repose en paix,

Toutes mes condoléances à sa famille et ses amis.

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Multilingual | Français
que puis-je ajouter qui n'ai pas déjà été dit?

bonne route peut être...

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Que descanse en paz, tu alma estarás siempre en Atys y tu en corazón de todos nosotros.


From past we learn,present we live and future we make:))

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C'est si triste .... Repose en paix cher Arionasis
Que ton âme trouve son chemin
Un peu de toi restera pour toujours ici sur Atys

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That's a sad day for Atys; I spent countless hours in tell with Arionasis to solve the weird problems I sometimes run into. I will never forget how helpful, friendly and infinitely patient he was with every homin.

All my thought go to his family and friends; we will deeply miss you!

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RIP Arionasis,

Tellement de gentillesse, de patience et d'humour disparaisse avec lui.

De tout coeur avec sa famille et ses amis...

Puisse ton esprit gambader à jamais sur Atys, 
tu nous manqueras Teeneemai :'(
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