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PYR — The Fyros government has just decided, in partnership with a wealthy Fyros businessman, that Kitins, the goo, and other such trivial pass-times are no longer a priority. "We will build the largest casino that Atys has ever seen, right here, in the heart of Pyr," the Emperor was quoted as saying.

Earlier this month, following several reports and an in-depth investigation, the tax authorities had noted concerns that the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani has been involved in illegal money laundering. "Our city can no longer tolerate these illegal gambling dens, set up in bars by this shady group of Trykers," the lead investigator told to our reporter, "they will be deported from the city."

An inside source has provided us with detailed plans of the new casino, which is slated to be built soon. It will be located in the historical area of Cheapside Market, which is already being scheduled to be torn down.

The casino will be the only one to be legally licensed by the Fyros government to operate within city limits.

"The city guards of Pyr are the best on Atys, and will be set to prioritize the safety of the casino, for the comfort of it's guests," according to a top ranking official, "Our casino will provide hundreds of games, the highest quality liquors from Thesos, and premium class private rooms."

(OOC: This post is inconsequential roleplay, and hopefully in no way reflects any actual future direction of the game.)


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