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Hello Guys :)

I switch into a month from PHP 5 to PHP 7 on my Server.
This mean i need rebuild all my Code for my Ryzom Tools! (a lot to do)

http://www.ryzom-bosses.com/  & Ryzom-bosses.com App (IG APP)
Are still in used and i will try fix that asap (maybe some bugs left pleas report to me)

http://www.nirus.at/r_map/  & Ryzom Hilfe Map Reg/Info (IG APP) are nearly not used anymore, this why i will not rebuild this Page anymore and shutdown it!
If someone are interrested on the code, contact me ;)

Christmas Fairy - Event (IG APP) i also will shutdown!

Enjoy playing Ryzom

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Mfg Bonny

#2 [en] 

1. Have the following links in the NPC Hunt Thread

-In Game APP - (/appzone 1976)
-Web site - http://www.ryzom-bosses.com/dates.php 

Let me know if the change and will fix in thread.

2. Would rather not have to edit the thread all the time .... Is it possible to link the calender image tight into the thread, with a link to 'see more'

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