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Sitting comfortably in a butterfly-wing fleece-lined armchair, Zendae was quietly pulling on a long, thin pipe as she reflected on Royal politics.

The years had passed, without altering yet another ounce of the firmness of her bearing nor the suppleness of her gait. Homin-a-s keep well admirably, it is well known...
But the ardour that characterized his youth had changed. Probably the extended stay in Yrkanis had gradually transformed the fiery Amazon into a cold calculator.

Her presence among the subjects was now very discreet, spending most of her time secluded for her research. But she continued to be vigilant about the rumours and movements in the kingdom.

And so recently, the fervor that the fyros were using to finish the Thesos barricade had awakened the vassals' concerns.

"What a stupid idea to attack this futile screen!" cursed the Amazon aloud.

Since fashion was to send letters to Karan, Zendae decided to do the same.
Letter to Karan
Na Karan,

Let me give my opinion as Master of Arms on theshield that the fyros are building south of Thesos.

Strategically, I think this palisade is of almost no use. A wall has never stopped the kitins, as we have known since the fall of Zoran. And even so, the positioning of the wall is absurd, it does not even surround the city. The kitins do not need to touch it, they just have to get out of the bark from the sawdust mines or the canyon.

The same is true for us! Do you intend to attack Thesos, nothing prevents us from teleporting massively north of the wall.

It is only a futile screen, intended simply to give military splendour to Thesos and incidentally to set a trap for the kingdom.

As you were lucidly pleased about when they raised their first tower, they clearly mark the position of their border ! far in their lines.

Just as ours is marked by the positioning of border guards, I would point out. What do we have in between ? warring tribes, a kitin's nest, a marauding camp. Arid matis owe their survival only to their scientific research for the common good. That is how I see the bitter reality.

Their so-called affront would have been of a completely different magnitude if they had disciplined the Woven Bridles and placed the wall at Berello!

What would we gain from attacking the wall?
Let me just doubt that we will win, unfortunately. The risk of being again the laughing stock of other nations is great. And we would be the ones to blame, to attack this facility on their doorstep.

Recently, helping the Zorais in the fight against the goo was one of the best movements the kingdom has ever accomplished, even though it was the Black Circle that gave the final point. Why re-tarnish our image by succumbing to a little provocation? Isn't there a possibility that it could even be calculated to make us put a wrong foot ?

Of course, this is not about sitting back! The best answer to give is in my opinion to finally grow the living barrier around Yrkanis! Which will be much more prestigious and useful than this deadwood palisade.

Sincerely at your service,
Zendae, Master of Arms.

Jena Aiye.

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