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Une lettre rédigée par l'Herën avait été glissée sous la porte des appartements du Bohorën dans le batîment de l'Ordre. Il s'agissait d'une missive. 

Na Bohorën Nilstilar,

J'ai besoin de toi aujourd'hui. J'ai appris récemment que les travaux pour terminer la construction de la muraille de Thésos auraient repris. J'imagine que la rumeur est vraie et que tu as dû te rendre dans l'Empire pour constater ces dires. 

Si tu n'as pas fait le déplacement, j'aimerais que tu t'y rendes et que tu viennes me faire un rapport. Si tu as déjà fait le déplacement, j'attends ton rapport avec impatience. 

Nous informerons par la suite le Karan, en espérant qu'il daigne encore s'occuper de son royaume et de ses frontières. Et si nécessaire, nous lui rappellerons son rôle dans la lettre qu'on lui fera parvenir.




Zagabranth di Avalae
Noble du Royaume
Sane Velën de l'Ordre Alkiane
RyzomWorld (pas à jour mais toujours consultable)
Le Lexique Mateis (en développement)
Alkiane Outils (AppIG & Site)

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As soon as the conquest of the Zo-Kian Ruins Workshop was secured, Nilstilar undertook the task of replying to the Herën. A few hours later he handed the following letter to a trusted messenger:
To the attention of Filira Zagabranth Ganancioso, Alkiane Hotel, Avalae, Majestic Garden
Na Herën,

The rumor is telling the truth.

It was during one of my strolls in Pyr, a few months ago, that I learned of this resurgence in the Empire's activity. On (almost) all the city walls were placarded posters inviting "Patriots, Desert inhabitants and Empire's friends" to participate in the launch of the campaign to collect building materials for the towers designed to achieve the fortifications of the "Empire's Shield".

You know me, Na Herën: although I had none of the titles required to participate in this launch, I immediately decided to go to the Fortress of Thesos on the day and time indicated by the posters. When the time came I could see that the call had been widely heard: about thirty homins from all nations were gathered around the Academician Gramald Xarius, in charge of mobilizing good will for the collection and obtaining the help of the Barkers (the tribe without which Pyr would only be a hamlet of red huts on piles).

By the time I arrived on the spot, the Academician had already indicated the (huge) quantities of the various materials to be collected or extracted and was answering the questions of the presents. So, to the question (which I myself would have asked if I had not been preceded): "What will these fortifications be used for?", Gramald Xarius replied: "To defend ourselves against the kitins." !

The absurdity of such a response (Kitins are everywhere on Atys, not only south of Thesos) reinforced my suspicions: if Thesos is the "Empire's Shield", it is because it is the imperial city closest to the Kingdom and because it is the Kingdom that the Empire wants to guard itself from. But, since I do not believe that Nya Karan's plan is to invade the Empire in the near future, to guard against the Kingdom is to guard against its possible counter-attacks. And if you say counter-attacks, you presume prior attacks...

Not very concerned to support by the presence of a Karan ambassador an undertaking most probably (even if not openly) directed against the Kingdom, I immediately left the place and have not since returned to the Burning Desert. While I cannot, therefore, inform you of the current state of progress of the work, I nevertheless hope that the "report" above meets your expectations.
Alkiane aiye,
Nilstilar Thorec

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