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Attracted by growls and other vituperations, Euton Krinn read a poster on the walls of Pyr.
Oren pyr,
Patriots, Desert inhabitants and Empire’s friends, the time has come to launch the last stage of work for the greater glory of the Empire. Meet me by Thesos citadel on 2h - Holeth, Pluvia 6, 4th AC 2601(*). Under the strict supervision of Ibiritis Ibirus, Thesos strategos, I will unveil the plans for the last fortifications of Thesos and we will launch the campaign for gathering materials for the buildings.

Iribitus Iribus, Thesos strategos
Gramald Xarius, Imperial Academist, Chamber of Honor

He burst out laughing, but with an anxious look around him, he reverted quickly to a worried face. It was better not to make fun of them, city dwellers could be very sensitive. He will soon be back in his Barkers tribe and could laugh more and more at the so-called patriots reluctance to build a few towers. How would they have built Pyr without the Barkers?

* [OOC]On Monday, 28 January 20:00:00 UTC (6 months ago).[/OOC]

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Here is a summary of what happened in the first part of the event: The Empire's shield: Towers!

Gramald Xarius gathered Patriots in Thesos and announced the amount of materials needed for the construction of the eleven remnant towers:
300 000 Motega or Tama choice wood , 60 000 Visc or Silverweed sap , 170 000 choice oil, all of that at quality 200 or higher, and 4000 ligaments of Varinx, 2500 Timari skins, at quality 150 or higher.

Due to the huge amount, some patriots decided to ask for the Barkers' help.
For the patriots willing to forage, Gramald Xarius promised they will be able to deposit their materials in Thesos in a few days.

Pebus Iriraan, Barkers chief, asked the Patriots to help them find Icala Perimenix, one of their overseer who had disappeared. They would then provide the foraging materials. The patriots could take care of the hunting ones.

Patriots went to Barkgully and talked to Iocamus Miros, an old overseer. While they were talking, the foragers caused a Kamiblast, thankfully without too much damages. Finally, they learned that Icala and Xycaron Theron were sent into Outlaw Canyon a few days ago to test the bark for forage materials.

At the end of a ramp for Outlaw Canyon, the patriots found Xycaron Theron in a pitiful condition. They were assaulted a few days ago by the Lawless, he had managed to flee but Icala was probably still held by them.

For scenario balance, we proposed you to start from here, even if something has already be done in Lawless tribe.
The meeting point will be at the kami altar in Sawdust Mines on Tuesday, 29 January 20:00:00 UTC (6 months ago).

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(Event fyros) The Empire's shield: Building the Towers!
Aemodon Apotis is at your disposal in Thesos to store the materials you bring to it.

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Here is a summary of what happened in the second part of the event: The Empire's shield: Towers!

The next step for the Patriots and their allies was therefore clear: to go to the camp of the Lawless and free Icala Perimenix from their grasp.

The Lawless did not give them a chance to try a diplomatic approach: they attacked the Patriots on sight.

The fight was fierce, but considering the many Lawless corpses littering her camp, Ulythus Apocaps, their leader, finally agreed to engage in a dialogue. Although very reluctant, she eventually revealed the location of Icala Perimenix to them: the camp of the Buccaneers, notorious bandits operating in the region and settled somewhere south of the Dragon's Spine.

When they arrived on the outskirts of the bandit camp, the Buccaneers and a handful of Lawless were waiting for them.

The clash was intense, but they finally found Icala Perimenix who had been held in a tent.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, many Lawless warriors jumped on them. The trap was close to being fatal for the Patriots and their allies, but they withdrew and charged back, eliminating the last guards and releasing the prisoner, for good this time.

They then escorted her to the Barkers' camp, where Pebus Iriraan, the tribe's chief, welcomed them with great relief, happy to see his overseer alive.

He confirmed that he would fulfill his share of the deal and that the Barkers would provide them with the materials they needed.

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Sitting in the shade of an awning, Aemodon Apotis was worried and this made him grumpy.

The call to patriots had finally had an unexpected effect: an agreement had been reached with the Barkers to supply a large volume of materials. The tribe's immense know-how in drilling was recognized throughout the empire : the great city of Pyr itself would probably never have been built without them. But it was usually not easy to get their help.

However, days passed, then weeks, and if Aemodon was happy to receive the building materials brought by the patriots, it was still far from being enough. And the Barkers had still not shown up. What was she going to say to Gramald Xarius when he would ask about the progress of the project?

Someone swore next to her, then another one. Eyes wide open, all present homins were staring at something in the distance, behind him. Turning around, Aemodon Apotis quickly realized what she was seeing. Leaving the nearby dunes, a long procession of mektoubs progressed towards Thesos.

After the first moments of stupor, the guards came to their senses and pulled out their weapons, ready to face the incoming threat.

Aemodon's wrinkled lips turned into a bright smile as he recognized the colours worn by their visitors.

- "Calm down !" she shouted, raising her hand towards the guards. "Looks like the Barkers have finally decided to pay us a visit!"

When the convoy arrived within earshot, Aemodon stepped forward and met the leader, whose face looked familiar to him.

- Oren pyr!
- Oren pyr! Are you Aemodon Apotis?
- That's me.
- I am Euton Krinn. From the Barkers tribe. I bring you the first part of the building materials your friends have asked us for.

Aemodon Apotis looked away for a moment to assess the number of pack animals, rather large.

- The... first part?
- Ney. Wood, oil, sap. 15,000. Of each.
- Good!.... Good! That's great news. I'll send people to help unload.
- Hem. It's been a long ride and my people and I wouldn't mind some refreshments, if you know what I mean.
- Oh! Of course, of course!

After a brief break to cool off, Barkers and Thesos workers were soon on the job to unload the cargo and store it under the main awning, while Aemodon Apotis invited Euton Krinn to sit nearby to discuss in the shade of the sun.

- Do you know when the next delivery is due?
- One week, maybe less, depending on Icala.
- ... Icala?
- Icala Perimenix, one of our overseers. The one your friends freed from the claws of the Lawless. She is organizing the collection of materials for the next delivery as we speak.
- Ha, great news! That's great news! *getting up* I' m going to check that everything is going well !

Aemodon Apotis was reassured. Construction may soon resume. But her work was not finished: she now had to ensure the quality of the materials supplied and make an accurate count.

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Pyntis Cean compulsait les nombreux messages reçus dans la matinée. Accaparée par son travail de classement, elle sursauta vivement tandis que la porte de son bureau s’ouvrait violemment, et dans un mouvement réflexe, elle envoya voler à travers la pièce la pile de messages posée devant elle.

Sur le seuil se dressait Gramald Xarius, son patron pour ainsi dire, le souffle court et le visage empourpré dont les traits trahissaient une colère à peine contenue.

Gramald Xarius : Cean ! Où en est-on à Thesos ! aboya-t-il à sa subordonnée.
Pyntis Cean : Hé bien… nous avons reçu le… dernier rapport de l’intendante Apo…
Gramald Xarius : … Et qu’attendais-tu pour me le donner ?! Tu sais bien que j’ai la strategos Iribus sur le dos !

Sans se départir de son calme, Pyntis Cean se leva et alla ramasser le parchemin portant la marque de Thesos, qui avait traversé toute la pièce pour atterrir aux pieds de Gramald Xarius. Se redressant, elle le lui tendit en un geste mesuré, mais son regard noir et sa mâchoire crispée démentait son calme apparent.

Pyntis Cean : Tu étais déjà en entretien avec la strategos, je ne pouvais donc pas te le ...
Gramald Xarius : … Oui et bien, elle vient de me faire connaître toute la mesure de sa « patience », et je m’en serais bien passé, figure-toi !

Toujours grommelant, mais reprenant peu à peu son calme, Gramald Xarius s’empara du parchemin et le parcourut rapidement.

Gramald Xarius : Bien, au moins les nouvelles sont encourageantes…
Pyntis Cean : Plutôt ! Mais je me demande si ce n’est pas un peu enjolivé. Comment est-il possible…
Gramald Xarius : (balayant la remarque d’un revers de la main) Bah ! Ce sont les Percécorces. Leur réputation n’est plus à faire. Hmm. Cependant cette dernière livraison a été bien plus légère que les précédentes. Où en est-on depuis le début ?

Pyntis Cean se dirigea vers son bureau puis, se remémorant l’entrée fracassante de l’académicien, porta finalement son regard vers le sol encombré.

Pyntis Cean : Ha, le voilà ! dit-elle en s’emparant d’un parchemin délavé et le déroulant pour le lire.

Pyntis Cean : Les Percécorces ont effectué 4… non… 5 livraisons avec la toute dernière en date. Selon les données fournies par l’intendante Apotis, ils nous ont remis… (calculant rapidement) 190 000 unités de bois… 130 000 unités d’huile et… 30 000 unités de sève.
Pyntis Cean : À cela s’ajoutent naturellement les ressources remises par les patriotes.

Gramald Xarius : Encore environ 100 000 unités de bois et 30 000 unités d’huile, donc. (émettant un léger soupir) Bien, je retourne de ce pas terminer mon rapport à la strategos Ibirus.

Alors qu’il franchissait l’encadrement de la porte, Gramald Xarius se retourna pour regarder les documents éparpillés un peu partout dans la pièce et adressa un sourire penaud à son assistante.

Gramald Xarius : Akep ! dit-il en agitant le rapport de Thesos au dessus de sa tête.
Pyntis Cean : Oràch !

Puis il s’engouffra dans le couloir et disparut de la vue de Pyntis Cean.

Pyntis Cean : Et bien… (avisant l'état de son bureau) il ne me reste plus qu’à tout recommencer…

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