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#271 [fr] 

C'est le mix entre Tatie Danielle et Dorothée avec un soupçon de Jean-Claude van Damme, mais ou est donc passé Alan Turing?


#272 [fr] 

Non mais grave Sinvader. J'ai essayé pourtant, mais j'ai rien pigé (ou si peu). C'est sympa de faire de l'humour Kosuy, mais faut pas trop pousser, au risque d'être incompréhensible. :/


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

#273 [en] 


The channel information supposed to appear the first time you open (switch to) the channel in current session. And it seems to be working this way for me.

Same for everybody as far as i know.  But it's not about the "appearing" ... it's about it never "disappearing".  I apologize if I wasn't clear or somethin got lost in translation.  The chat boxes default behavior is to scroll with the most recent message at the bottom.  The Welcome message disables the scroll and the welcome message just sits there.

Log in at 12:00, go to Universe and see (assuming you have time stamp on) 12:01 [Chat welcome message] ... come back 6 hours later ... it'ts still there ... come back another 4 hours later ... it's still there.

If I type a message, then it wil scroll ... so rather than spam all 4 chat chennel (E-Uni has no message), I just hit the spacebar / return and I post a blank message which now gives me back the scrolling function.


#274 [en] 

that doesn't happen with my ( linux ) client freddy. info messages appear in the windows when i log in, and they behave exactly like other messages. they scroll up and away as new messages appear.

#275 [en] 

Check if you have any personal files (like mods) in the user/ folder, and do a patch again removing the files in unpack/


#276 [en] 

If it was a personal files thing, it would not be affecting so many players. Whatever it was, it has since been fixed as of the last reboot. Thanks Devs ... much appreciated.


#277 Multilingual 

If dailies are the new way to get points to buy cristals, focus on making them fun..


some dailies in PVP areas? I mean why not... optional missions anyway.
some dailies require a team not just solo.. and somehow the "enemies" should have a penalty if they help (at the very least not getting any rewards) to also keep the RP rolling
some dailies require to kill a new rare spawn, doesnt have to drop supremes just intended for the mission(s).

If these sound too dull/boring, please ignore. tnx


Je suis le début de la fin, l'ombre qui cache le soleil, le beffroi qui sonne votre glas.

#278 [fr] 

With the disappearring Zigs / Mounts and Packers ... playing w/ macros led to the discoveruy of extra animals.   I would like to know what the missing animals are ?

Mount 1 - Mektoub
Mount 2 - Gubani
Mount 3 - White Gubani
Mount 4 - Arma ?

Packer 1 - Mektoub
Packer 2 - Mektoub
Packer 3 - Mektoub
Packer 4 -  ?

Zig 1 - Gubunny
Zig 2 - Frippo
Zig 3 - ?


#279 [en] 

playing w/ macros led to the discoveruy of extra animals.
Mount1..Mount4 is same as Packer1..Packer4, just named differently. If you buy packer-mount-packer-packer, then you have packer1-mount2-packer3-packer4 in inventory window.



#280 [fr] 

Much thx ... but you kno what was most enticing answer I was hopin would slip .... can we really have 3 Zigs and what is the 3rd one :) Don't answer till afyer I get you in the FH bar and 7 or 8 rounds in ya :)


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