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If dailies are the new way to get points to buy cristals, focus on making them fun..


some dailies in PVP areas? I mean why not... optional missions anyway.
some dailies require a team not just solo.. and somehow the "enemies" should have a penalty if they help (at the very least not getting any rewards) to also keep the RP rolling
some dailies require to kill a new rare spawn, doesnt have to drop supremes just intended for the mission(s).

If these sound too dull/boring, please ignore. tnx


Je suis le début de la fin, l'ombre qui cache le soleil, le beffroi qui sonne votre glas.

#278 [fr] 

With the disappearring Zigs / Mounts and Packers ... playing w/ macros led to the discoveruy of extra animals.   I would like to know what the missing animals are ?

Mount 1 - Mektoub
Mount 2 - Gubani
Mount 3 - White Gubani
Mount 4 - Arma ?

Packer 1 - Mektoub
Packer 2 - Mektoub
Packer 3 - Mektoub
Packer 4 -  ?

Zig 1 - Gubunny
Zig 2 - Frippo
Zig 3 - ?


#279 [en] 

playing w/ macros led to the discoveruy of extra animals.
Mount1..Mount4 is same as Packer1..Packer4, just named differently. If you buy packer-mount-packer-packer, then you have packer1-mount2-packer3-packer4 in inventory window.



#280 [fr] 

Much thx ... but you kno what was most enticing answer I was hopin would slip .... can we really have 3 Zigs and what is the 3rd one :) Don't answer till afyer I get you in the FH bar and 7 or 8 rounds in ya :)


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