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Hm, while I think about it, to join a team is sort of "turning on visibility" so this is already implemented :)

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and what about the team or my mektoubs or guild members ?

Facts that I find bizarre or annoying :
1. When in team with 3 homins X Y and Z : if X quit the game, Y see on map Z at the place where X was before. That's a known bug...
2. when invited in a team, you have to surf on maps to find where they are located (as compass can be weird)
3. When in a appartement or buildings, you can't find your guildies or "in team" mates. And it's quite difficult to find toubs...

We could immagine for ex:
1. add in guilds specification a parameter 'want to be find by my guild' boolean (note we could add there some "share" parameters too, for ex Kiwalie had crafted for X and could "share the stuffs in gh for X only" or officers, X would have a notice on guild windows or shift+w)
2. with /find guild : a pop up open, with guildies names and location (ex: Void, Loria...) or in the guilde windows, hovering homins names would display region name
3. with /find toub : a pop up open (animal windows?) or the region name is displayed while hovering, or a new window, with toubs locations and commands (but bagapp and ryzomarmory provide both that)

Therefore, I would like a command /find name such :
* name is in the current team or in guild (connected and with the parameter on "on"), in sys info : name and region
* optionnal (as apps provide that): if name=toub then shows mektoubs informations ?


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If he is unable to write "/invite <name>", do you really think a newbie will go somewhere and turn something on?

And I must say it is not clear to me why don't you send that homin in need a team invite yourself?

I did. I actually think there was something with their display of the game, windowing or something similar. Or, they were just trolling me.

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