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After the recent patch I found that I could not buy TP pacts, talk to mission givers or trade with merchants or hawkers.  Instead of the usual dialog window all I was getting was the title bar.

This affected all the characters on my account and I found out it was affecting Macs and Windows users alike.

I contacted Support and with the help of Arionasis we found a fix.

There is a 'User' folder in Application Support (on a Mac - on a PC its in the ID directory - by default /0).  

Full path name on my mac: 
Users/<name>/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/user
Users/<name>/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/0/user

The contents of this folder may include add-on options (e.g. changed map icons, the "angel" TP animation etc.) which can be retained - although most of these are old any may cause problems of their own.  The rest of the files are now in the Data directory and compacted files and should be deleted.  Do this while the game is not running.  If it works for you and you have contacted Support, please let them know.


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