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[Event for all] Unveiling of the new Fortune Wheel (2018-09-02)

In the premises of the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani, the excitement and good mood were palpable. Mirkly O'Yrroy was trotting around, working toward the final preparations for the inauguration, her bunches dancing on her shoulders. Blathwick Mac'Wirrel was often stopping his work, rubbing his hands and giggling with a silly chuckle. Kidulin Mac'Leaffy was humming, classifying the contracts that allowed them to establish themselves in each capitals and even in the marauder camp. As for Lamil O'Reier, with his feet crossed on his desk, comfortably seated in his chair, his hands behind his head, he was dreaming, with wild open eyes, a winner's smile at the corner of his mouth : the renovation of the Fortune Wheel had everything to become a tremendous success.

But this ambitious project had not been easy to implement, he remembered. At first, several engineers had to be called in to modernize the mechanism. Negotiating with Nations, negotiating with Marauders. He shuddered at the thought of all the tricks carried out in order to propose tempting lots. Ah, these rich adventurers had always been good customers, but for many years, until now, gamblers were fewer. They had already done everything and obtained everything.... And they were gathering more and more mountains of dappers, while complaining more about spending them...But it was all over! Lamil knew that the Brotherhood was going to relight the spark of desire in their blasé pupils! The dappers of all these heroes would now flow from their pocket to fill the coffers of the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani!

But the highlight of this project was finding this dressage specialist. Even with his exorbitant price. "Haha! They won't believe it!" was he jubilant.

The Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani invite you on the Sunday, 2 September 2018 19:00:00 UTC (5 years ago) in Almati Wood, in front of the new Fortune Wheel for the unveiling.
Open to everyone.

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