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In another idea thread of the #RIOT movement.

This time I actually request that the asymmetry existing between right+left hand equip+action and 2h weapon equip+action be fixed. (I am pretty sure it involves a bug in here, consisting in the left hand equip action; if so move this to the appropriate section).

What I mean is the following:

Say we are using the following two examples: 2h mace for our 2h weapon case, and spear+buckler (or shield, or whatever right hand + equip u desire).

Proceed by creating the desired attack stanza for your 2h mace.

a)In my case the one I use in my PvP is : inc damage eleven / acc eleven and the required credits. Create your action. Put it someplace in your action bar.

b)Then create an equip group: /createGroup 2h mace.

c)Then proceed by making a macro that allows you to combine the two:

In the macro do: Actions: Equip an item group(b)+ Actions Run Shortcut # (the assigned action from above a) ).

The end result is: the game allows you to switch from whatever weapon u had before (or naked), equip your 2h mace, and proceed with the assigned action with one macro. It will not try to requip the 2h mace, no matter how many times u hit the macro button; so essentially u can swap your weapons and attack actions at any time with the press of one button. Marvelous, I know. But that applies ONLY to 2h weapons.

The problem that needs to be addressed for obvious reasons is:

If you try to replicate a), b), c) with a combination of anything that requires the employment of the left hand (and yes I am convinced the left hand is the problem since that's the message that you keep on getting), by combining a)+b)= not C( C will never occur)

The game will do any of the following: either stop the attack action after equipping left hand item (thus eliminating the attack part of the macro completely, no matter how many times u add it to your macro, with Rev we did a test run where we added it like 30 times and the attack never happend)


If you try to spam the button (like in the case of the 2h mace, in which case the weapon is NOT re-equipped because it recognizes that you already have your mace equipped and hence proceeds directly to the attack action) the game will keep on re-equipping the left hand slot.

As such; an inconsistency arises.

If it's a bug; I kindly request to be fixed and be explicitly stated; if it's not a bug; I request to harmonize the two actions; if the second case cannot be fixed for various reasons, then remove the first option as well. However; I would like the first option; to fix it; and make it symmetrical like in the case of the 2h weapons.



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