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Dear all,

the following Star-tastic amps are up for auction.

I was planning to place these beauties, among other such beautiful boosted amps (have x4 in stock) and something more fancy for auction at the blackmarket, but until then, I decided I want to have something, and give something back. (I am also lazy and impatient so you have the whole picture:)

The only thing I need currently are Izakoo Leathers and Izakoo Ligaments. So any bid should be placed in Izakoo Leathers and Ligaments. If no deal can be achieved the amps will be withhold and sold at the next edition of blackmarket.

Starting bid is 20x Izakoo Leathers AND 20x Izakoo Ligaments

Auction starts Today and ends in exactly one week; 22/6 (or 6/22 if u are from the US) at 17:00 CET.

ps. The astounding model is not for auction!

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