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Title: Transcription of a speech by Wuaoi to the assembled Rangers Aspirant in Almati Wood.

My beloved Rangers Aspirant, I am very pleased to announce that starting in only a few weeks ((Atys)) you will at last have access to a Rite to determine if you are worthy to bear the title of Ranger. ((OOC: 23 March 2018 — exact time depends on the patch.))

This will be a Rite with a real purpose, clearing a portion of Oflovak’s Road to make it easier for refugees from the Old Lands to make it to Silan. A special Path out to the Road has been opened from a ledge to the south and west of the Ranger camp in the island commonly known as Silan after the Ruins in its center.

On that ledge you will find your Instructor, Xypholion Ioros, and his assistant Be’Arlly Emer. You will need to talk to them to get your official instructions, but I can tell you some things.

Firstly, this section of the Road is representative of the second highest level of danger in the New Lands ((OOC: q150-200)), but it is not the New Lands. The beasts and Kitins there do not react exactly the same as the similar ones here. They seem a little wilder. You must take care, yet be bold as well.

Secondly, this is not an easy task that is set before you. It is altogether possible, even probable, that the first teams to undertake the task will have to retreat after a few days ((hours, IRL)) without having completed the Rite. Do not worry — you can always try again, and when you do you will have the knowledge you have gained and be able to build upon it.

I do ask that you always come back to Xypholion when you leave the Road so that he may allow another team to attempt the Rite. He will only allow one team at a time onto the Road, and he will give you up to 20 Atys days (24 hours IRL) before he presumes you have abandoned the task and will allow the next team to try. If you check in and out properly, he can allow another team to start immediately. This also applies if you succeed in the Rite since you need to talk to him to complete it as well as start it.

((OOC: You need to be in a team of at least two. To start with, please make up the largest teams you can and check out properly and promptly when your team quits, so that other player teams can have their turns. The leader must have still one member in team to reset the rite, otherwise a CSR will need to do it. You do not need to reform the identical teams to continue because your progress is not saved. Once you, as players, have figured out what to do, the rite will take between 1 - 1.5 hours IRL. Ranger Aspirants must have their title up. Rangers must display that title.))

Remember the Precepts: study them before you set out.
Actions have consequences, sometimes long delayed. Practice tolerance, help others, share with your fellow Aspirants, clear the Road, do your assignments, and return. We are clearing the Road, both metaphorically and physically. Remember that arms and armor are not all a Ranger needs when exploring strange lands. Keeping a record of your travels, investigating the resources available, keeping records of wildlife, observing your surroundings; all of these are important. Doing things together as a team is critical — in the end all of you who return to the starting point will succeed or fail together.

((OOC: I do expect and encourage you to share your discoveries, but avoid spoilers for those who wish to explore without hints. All members of the party must do all the internal missions of the Rite unless they have to leave the party and log out. If they do disappear, the team leader must record that fact.

Hints: Flags on your map are a good thing. Having a harvester able to dig q150-200 is a good thing. Not all target-able things show on your “radar.”))

Once you have completed what you are sent forth to do, you will return to Xypholion and he will give you the badge (title) of a Ranger and record you as belonging to the Ranger Faction. You will then be able to go to the Quartermaster Ranger, Pero Antorini, in the Ranger Camp in Almati Woods and obtain your personal Map of Paths with a new and more sensitive magnetized amber to allow you to find new ways to travel across the face of Atys in the New Lands. That, however, will be another adventure for you as new Rangers.

FAQ: (Answers to expected questions.)

1. No, it is not possible for more than one team to be on the Road at the same time. It would break the Rite.
2. No, there is no way to “save” the progress of your team. It is not only impractical from a programming standpoint, but it would mean that one offline team member would keep the rest of you from progressing.
3. Yes, if someone has to drop out or is disconnected, the rest of the team can continue as long as the team leader keeps track of those who drop out. There will be an app provided to do that. Temporary logouts will NOT keep a toon from completing the Rite.
4. The Rite has a number of internal missions. Pay attention.
5. Yes, it is possible to do all the obvious internal missions and still fail. Not all internal missions are obvious. That’s a feature.
6. Yes, it’s difficult. Yes, it may take several times running it. I promised you that. Did you think I would go back on that promise?
7. All members of the teams must be Rangers or Rangers Aspirant. You cannot drag along your Tryker-aligned alt, no matter how useful she is.
8. At least a few level 250 melee and/or ele is a good idea. Healers, as usual, are always needed.
9. You will be traveling a total distance of at least 2 km, of various degrees of hazard.
10. You, as players, will undoubtedly discover bugs. Please report them, with as much detail as you can (incl. OS, client version, screens, etc.) and be patient.
11. The Map and the Paths are a different subject which will not be addressed here.
12. There is no special prize for being the first one with the Ranger title.

Added Questions from the meeting:

13. Is there a level requirement? Answer: No, except that needed to do the Ranger Aspirant missions. The way is dangerous, however.
14. Can we leave the Rite in a hurry (for instance for a Kitin attack)? Answer: Yes, but if you do you will fail the Rite and have to try again. Please have the Team Leader reset the Rite by talking to Xypholion.
15. What if the Team Leader has to leave in a hurry? Answer: They should leave the team and there will be a new Team Leader, just as is normal. The new Team Leader may continue with the Rite or reset the mission.
16. Do we need expertise in a particular ecosystem in order to harvest? Answer: No.
17. How is it possible to give back the Ranger title? Answer: If you want to leave the Rangers you can talk to the Quartermaster, Pero Antorini, in Almati Woods.


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