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Delivererd by a typically Lakelands coloured Izam, sealed with the official emblem of Windermeer. Written on paper of quite precious quality, yet in a rather fractured handwritten kurrent.

Esteemed Royal Highness, highly valued Karan, for his deliberate decisions for all of the Verdant Heights exceed mortal abilities and his deeds are beyond nature, in Jenas name and glory,

by your holy mercy allow me to introduce myself as well as offering my sincerest apologies for addressing his Royal Highness with this letter personally.
The name is Nejra Mayuri Arya Korjenic, a mere Tryker by birth and a devout follower of the goddess by conviction. Currently holding the position of representative mayor for all administrative affairs of Windermeer within the boundaries of Aeden Aqueous federal law until the next election came to a conclusion. My servile self aided the Royal Throne since this Trykers feet touched New Lands ground. I rallied to the calls from his former Royal Highness Yrkanis, provided ressources and my qualities whenever the Royal Court generously allowed me to assist Matis interests. More than once I raised my sword against all who would try to undermine Jenas will and Matis regulations, especially when the misguided homins of the deserts had tried to circumvent taxation for their convoys of water.

For this it is my duty to inform his Royal Highness of a recently passed degree by the Tryker Federation which is in violation of the hard earned Four-Nations-agreement the Matis royalty fought with unwavering will for. Hiding behind the banner of adhering to the Tryker values, govenor Ailan Mac'Kean allowed for an outpost to exist under federal protection. Albeit by her assurances no official federal guards will be send out, it was made inevitably clear for all citizens and homins of alleged guilds that defending this outpost is a duty every Tryker should follow. Instead of official federal soldiers, there were unofficial militias acknowledged, encouraged even if not made mandatory. I fear for the govenor to be under the questionable influence of a specific guild striving for power to benefit their own, namely the same one that initiated the discussion about this degree.

After all doubts and objections from others and my unworthy self were rejected, this Trykers hope for an apt solution was shattered by the assemblies denial to instate myself as the federal ambassador for all matters concerning his Royal Highness unparalleled gem, the Verdant Heights, so this Tryker could serve both her homelands and the pioneering Matis nation in her function, graced by the purpose to pass on his Royal Highness word and will.

Hominkinds last opportunity to resolve this disgraceful attempt to bybass agreements between the nations, especially like this one devaluating all previous Matis efforts, is his Royal Highness unimpeachable wisdom and word of intervention. Once more the noble Matis shall stand with reason and have Atys heed their advice.

In subservient and neverending loyalty, by Jenas name and for her glory,
Nejra Mayuri Arya Korjenic

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